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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Grave Situation

Grave Situation by Alex MacLean

How do you catch a serial killer who not only seems to leave the scene without any witnesses or clues, but he also dismembers his victims?  And why does he dismember them?

Luckily, Lieutenant Allan Stanton is a very determined man.  Not only is he a dedicated lawman, although his dedication cost him his marriage, but what he feels for the victims, whether it be Trixy, the hooker, her sister, Cathy, or any of the others, compels him to find and catch the killer.

Herb on the other hand, is very meticulous in his planning, down to the last detail.

Details, this book is full of them!  From the scenery, to the recollections and in some cases, very graphic descriptions of the murders.  Parts of this are not for the faint hearted.  The cast of characters is as great as the details, making it seem even more realistic.  A serial killer case can not be solved by one man alone, and Alex MacLean leaves no one out or is made to seem less important.  This book will keep you turning pages until the end!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Concrete Kiss

The Concrete Kiss by David Grace

Detective Ned Danes had the lucky job of cold cases.  Those crimes that were never solved, with so little to go on, but had families that needed closure and to know the truth.

FBI Agent Phillip Abbott had seen a lot in his day, but the horrific crimes of a family serial killer ripped his heart when it happened to a family with an autistic girl named Jessica.  When her family is murdered, Phillip and his wife adopt her.

So when they teamed up to solve the serial killer murders, and went a touch out of bounds in order to try to capture him, you could not have asked for a better team.  This killer was cold, calculated and had no remorse for his victims, it was just a job he was paid to do.

While they are on the hunt for the killer, running as a separate side line was a cold case of abducted girls.  Little clues to help solve this case.

What could have been split into two books, maybe one as a number two in a series, was crammed into one book.  The majority is based on the serial killer, with small references to the abducted and raped girls case.  While the characters will keep you interested, and it is a thriller to be sure, it probably might have been better staying with one of the story lines rather than try to merge them together. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success

The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success by Wayne Breitbarth

LinkedIn has been called “The world’s largest online business networking site.”

If you are a job seeker, or looking to promote your company, this book is for you.

Whether you have never used LinkedIn before, or have already created your profile, you need to use this important reference guide.  Written in an easy to follow, almost step-by-step format, Wayne takes you from the very beginning of creating your profile, on up to what to do once you have it created.  If you have never used LinkedIn before, Wayne makes it easy to create a profile, but you still need to do the work behind it.  If you already are on LinkedIn, you’ll want to make sure you use all that is available to you, and make sure to use those all important keywords.  Wayne won’t write your profile for you, you do need to do the work, but he will help you using his own profile as an example.

In addition to tips to check off at the end of each chapter, he also includes links to resources to help you even more.  With this being the second edition, he has noted what is no longer available and what has been updated.  No matter what your position is, if you are looking to network with others and grow yourself or your business, you’ll want to keep this handy as you use LinkedIn to help you succeed.