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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fallen (The Djinn Wars Book 3)

Fallen (The Djinn Wars Book 3) by Christine Pope

Continuing on where Taken left off, Jessica has become more courageous and determined.  The few Djinn and their chosen are at war with the survivors.  The only was to survive is to activate the device that will weaken them, but create a barrier to protect them.  Knowing the barrier will not last forever, they continue to search ways to survive.

When rougue Djinn break through, the only hope is Jace.  Would you sacrifice your true love so others will live?

Loaded with so many twists and turns, this will not disappoint.  If you have enjoyed the first two, you will be pleased with this one.

Beautiful Entourage (5 Book Series)

Beautiful Entourage (5 Book Series) by E.L. Todd

A series of 5 books about an escort service, but with very strict rules.  6 friends decide to run an escort service, 5 men and 1 woman who runs the business.  Very strict rules like no kissing or anything sexual, no giving out personal info like address or phone and most importantly, no getting involved with a client.

The 5 books are written with each man having his own book and telling his own story.  4 of the friends are very happy with their lifestyle.  Great income, no strings, enjoying life to the fullest.  One of the friends is looking to settle down and start a life with the love of his life.  Each of the stories goes through how each of the friends meet a certain girl and what happens.

While it starts great, after the 3rd book, it becomes too easy to know what happens next.  The only different one is the book 5, the story of the man who wants to settle down, but cannot find the love of his life.  Even still, they are a good read for those who like a love story.