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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Carved in Memory

Carved in Memory by Ethan Jones

This is definitely a short story, you can read it during your lunch break.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it!  Justin Hall is an agent in the Canadian Intelligence Service.  He awakens to realize he is hanging upside down in a cell.

In an effort to try to escape, he considers all his options.  After being terrorized and tortured, he decides to use his knowledge of his captor’s son’s disability and tries to get his tormentor to aid him in an escape.

You will have to read it yourself to see if he succeeds.  But this will keep you wanting more.  The story ends way too soon.

Luckily, Arctic Wargame has a teaser included, so you will be able to get more.  But be warned, you’ll want to read Arctic Wargame too!

Legends Lost Tesnayr

Legends Lost Tesnayr by Nova Rose

In a prequel to Legends Lost Amborese, we read of the story of Tesnayr.  A man who was trying to escape his previous life and rid the land of those who had tortured him.

Unfortunately for him, the sea did not claim him.  He washed up on shore and was rescued and brought back to health.  He helped those who had helped him, but always remained quiet about his past.  With the passage of time, those who had tormented him came to the new land.

In an effort to never be taken captive again, he began another battle with the Orcs, gathering followers everywhere he went.  His reputation preceded him no matter where he went.  The kings of the five kingdoms, who had always fought among each other in order to gain land, needed to put the feuds behind them and follow Tesnayr if they were to win the battle against the Orcs and keep their land.

Along the way are elves, fairies, dragons and others, along with an entire cast of characters to suit your mood, some evil, some good.  Follow along Tesnayr and all the lands he travels, written in great detail that you can imagine yourself with him, throughout all the lands and adventures.  Although written in three books, it could have easily been just one.  The chapters flowed nicely, the plot always moving forward.  If you like fantasy, you will like this.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Galdir - A Slave's Tale (Barbarian Warlord Saga)

Galdir - A Slave's Tale by Fredrik Nath

Written in 2 sections, Slave and Warlord, Galdir is the life’s story of a man, who at an early age became a slave, and the journey his life became because of his actions.

Remembering how his mother was raped, his anger continued to grow as he continually saw his master raping young girls.  One day, he could take it no longer as he listened to a young girl screaming during her rape, and he beat and murdered his master.

Fleeing from Rome and everything he knew, with the help of a barkeep named Flavius, he left Rome and started a new life.  Meeting many people along the way, some trustworthy, some not, he learned how to defend himself in battle, and even becoming a Warlord to the people his uncle had once ruled.

Written in great detail, you can image traveling with Galdir and the people he met along his life’s journey throughout all the lands.  Numerous characters to help spark your emotions.  Travel along with Galdir as he learns about love, friendship, revenge, leadership and all the emotions each of us have within us.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Legends Lost

Legends Lost by Charlie Mac

If you like the old west, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, trains and President Lincoln, this book is for you.
A wealthy old man is nearing his death bed.  A man he has employed for a time is called to see him privately.  Before dying, he tells this young man that he is his father.  He also tells him he has a brother that he must protect and see to it that he succeeds in his life.  In addition, he also tells him of what happened years ago during a train robbery and he must make sure a secret journal that was stolen on that train is found and returned back to the family and the company to which he headed.
Full of twists and turns, this book will keep your reading to see what becomes of “James Longley”, “Hattie Longley” and “Robert Carlisle”, or whatever their names may be.  Along with an evil, determined Elias Kotkin and his desire to retrieve the journal.
Follow along the trains to the west and relive a day gone by, while enjoying a suspenseful story.