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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hero The Manipulated Perception

Hero The Manipulated Perception by Kevon Brown

The story of three high school friends, each different in their own way, and what happens to them while in the senior year and after graduation.  One who is a very talented football jock, but who also knows that others are important.  One who is the son of a politician and believes his father to be different from other politicians.  The third being one with a harder life.  His mother died, leaving his dad to raise him and his little sister.  Teaching him to work hard for what he wants, not to expect things to be handed to you just because you want it, one of the most important lessons in life.
What should have been a good story, seeing what each of the three boys grew up to be,  and where their lives took them, became a very difficult book to read.  I am hoping it was just my Kindle copy, but unfortunately, I don’t think so.  A good mix of characters, three boys who would not seem to be best friends by their personalities.  However, it is very annoying to be reading and repeatedly have a series of numbers and either the title of the book, or the author randomly appear, sometimes at the end of a sentence or paragraph, sometimes in the middle of the sentences.  In addition, numerous spelling and grammatical errors made for a slower and more complicated read.  Run on sentences without any punctuation just seemed to add to the frustration.  The book has great potential, but the author needs some editorial/publishing help.

The Pelican Code

The Pelican Code by Tim Lea

Do you believe God created the universe in less than one week and man in his own image, or that humans evolved from a lesser species?  Do you believe aliens constructed the pyramids of Egypt or a civilization long extinct built them?  Do you believe William Shakespeare wrote all his own works, or that he put his name to someone else’s work?  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
If you enjoy reading about William Shakespeare, whether you believe he wrote his own works or not, you will enjoy this book.  Toby Malone (Kit) is one of those individuals who believes, almost to an obsession, that Shakespeare did not write all his works, that he put his name to someone else’s writings.  The book is written in both the time of Shakespeare in 1593, and the current day.  Like Indiana Jones, there is the one searching for items from the past (Toby), the one who always takes what someone else finds (Frank Walsh) and the group of people sworn to protect the secret, in this case, the symbol of a mother pelican determined to feed her babies with her own blood from her pecking her chest.
Very well written and interesting.  Keeps you reading to see who you can trust and believe, and who will end up with the artifacts, if anyone at all, and how the main characters end up.  Good mix of characters, and the descriptions of both the 1500’s and current day Europe make you feel as if you are there.  I can see this author writing further adventures along similar lines.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Denibus Ar

Denibus Ar by Chris Turner

If you like reading about ancient Egypt, the Queens and Kings of long ago, their riches and their treasures, buried with them in pyramids, the archaeologists who long to discover them and the thieves who try to steal everything, then you will like this story.
Travel along with Carl Langley, a group of others and a mysterious cat who have discovered a six-sided pyramid and the maze like passages underneath.  Some things are better left alone and the most evil sometimes get what they deserve.
Extremely descriptive, you feel as if you are in the desert with the heat, sun and sand, and the deep, dark tunnels of the numerous passages of the unique pyramid.  Would definitely recommend to others.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Erased by Jordan Marshall

If you like cover-ups, blackmail, etc, you’ll love this story.
Sara thought she had a wonderful life, loving husband, beautiful daughter and great job, until she woke up on a rooftop next to a rifle and watched a man below be killed.  She had no clue how she got there, or what she was doing.  All she knows is that she did not pull the trigger, someone else did, but the crowd below saw her up above.  Now she has become the number one suspect in a man's murder.
Enter Agent Brandy Jackson.  An FBI agent looking to prove she is worthy to work for the FBI, and to prove her gut feeling Sara is innocent.  Add a few professional assassin’s, Stryker and Konrad, into the mix, and Senator Paolini.  What does a senator have to do with this mess?
Who do you trust?  Who do you believe?  Where do you turn?  Sara is running for her life.  Can Brandy help prove her innocence, or will Sara be eliminated?
The story is a bit confusing to start, numerous characters of all sorts, some of which are short lived.  Once the story gets going with the major characters, it becomes much easier to follow.  Do you believe the government has secret agencies?  Is mind control possible?  If you didn’t before, after reading this, you will begin to wonder about such things.  Great action, drama and suspense to keep you reading, and the sympathy you feel for Sara will tug at you to help her.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Perfect Death

The Perfect Death by James Andrus

What type of psychotic serial killer searches for the perfect woman, one who is truly special.  She cannot be an alcoholic, a drug user, have a bad temperament, etc.  She must be innocent.  In this case, that killer is Buddy.
Buddy is a glass blower and is searching for the perfect woman to show for eternity.  He strangles them and takes their last breath, placing it in one of his specially made glass jars.
Detective John Stallings has a missing daughter of his own, and cannot put that out of his mind while trying to solve these murders of woman.  Luckily detective Stallings has a group of various people trying to help capture the killer.  Unfortunately, Stallings personal life has gone downhill with the absence of his daughter, his remaining family still needs him.
Keep reading to see if Buddy can complete his goal to fill all his jars, or if the police can stop him in time.  Definitely one of a great series to follow.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tiger of Talmare

Tiger of Talmare by Nina Croft

A group of men-hating women, led by Melissa Stark, take over a ship owned by Captain Zachary Knight.
Ten years later, during which time the ladies have become pirates, are to deliver a “package” to Sanderson.  The package is Zach, and Sanderson wants him because he wants to eliminate him for what he knows about Sanderson trying to rule.
The ladies start to believe Zach and his story about how he is innocent and has been framed.  But how do you deliver Zach and collect the much needed money and still try to keep him alive and set him free, as well as keep themselves alive.
Quick read that keeps you going.  Easy to follow.  Interesting cast of characters.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Wedding to Remember in Charleston, South Carolina

A Wedding to Remember in Charleston, South Carolina by Annalisa Daughety

A love story between Summer and Luke.  Married seven years, and for the most part, a good seven years.  But this past year had its troubles, between a sibling’s unexpected death and a miscarriage, the communication between them was lacking.
With the help of their good friends, their family and their faith in God, they begin to see where they need to work on their marriage.  But what happens when someone from Summer’s past reappears back in Charleston?  Is their commitment to each other strong enough to fight for?
Great read for those who love a story about love, friendship and family.  The characters are easy to relate to, and the story is a nice easy read.


Wired by Douglas E. Richards

What if you normally had an above average intelligence?  What if you could develop a drug that would increase the amount of brain you use to become more intelligent, even if only for a short period of time?  What if you did it for the good of humanity?
What if someone else wanted it, but had the intentions of making themselves more wealthy and greedy?  And they want to discover how to become immortal!
Luckily, you are able to find someone willing to help you find the truth, because you are being set up as someone looking to sell the secret to terrorists.  Plus he has some interesting and helpful friends.
You won’t know who or what to believe, but you will keep turning the pages until you reach the end.  Suspense and thrills, find out how it ends!

When Darkness Falls (The Dark Lines)

When Darkness Falls (The Dark Lines) by Jo Ramsey

Interesting twist to the “Good vs Evil” stories.
Blake was severely abused by his natural mother as a child.  Luckily a wonderful woman took him and adopted him, treating him as her own.
Because of what had happened when he was young, his natural mother making everyone think he was crazy, he learned how to be happy alone and shut out the rest of the world, even blocking his mind from others.
While at school he meets a new girl, Faith, who lets him know he is not alone with his abilities.  He makes a few new friends and learns what evil things are happening at “The Shack” and that it has happened before.
His new friends help him learn how to battle the evil that is at the shack and the mysterious disappearances that have been happening.
Lots of twists and turns along the way.  Loaded with suspense and action.

What Came First

What Came First by Carol Snow

Three (3) women, all with different lives, and thoughts about marriage, children and family.
Fate brings these three women together in a most usual way.
Humor, along with great writing to make you feel like you are one of their neighbors, or even one of the women yourself.  Carol Snow is definitely one author to follow.


Tempest By Julie Cross

Forget everything you ever read about time travel.
It’s a story not only of time travel, but also good versus evil.
A young man discovers he has the ability to travel back in time.  No one ever told him, especially his father, who was not much of a father figure once his sister died of cancer.
In addition, who would ever think their father was in the CIA, or some other organization, that does experiments and knows all about the ability to travel through time.
Luckily his best friend keeps all his research, but what if you get stuck in the past?  And what would happen with your girlfriend?
Can’t wait for the next installment in the trilogy.

Still Life With Brass Pole

Still Life With Brass Pole by Craig Machen

A story about a teen/young man who never seemed to have a chance to make it good.  His mother cares more about herself and how attractive she is to others and that they see only the good side of her.  His father wants to be a friend, not a parent, taking an underaged boy out to get drunk, snort some coke and let him take the car with friends to a strip club.  Not much parenting on either side.
Enter a man who knows the worst sides of life, drinking, cocaine, sex and the wrong side of the law.  Year after year the same thing, just with a different stripper.  His saving grace is when he realizes what he’s doing, and starts to focus on body building.  Then the tide swings again, and it’s a repeat of the drugs, alcohol, strippers and sex.
Finally he meets a stripper, Ashley, who is different.  She is not into the drugs and makes no attempt to make him quit, he just realizes it’s time to grow up.  A few months later they are married, even though his friends give him one more chance to run away, he stands his ground and marries Ashley.  A son is born, and he finally realizes what is most important in life, and what he plans to do.