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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Crystal Night (The Prometheus Saga)

Crystal Night (The Prometheus Saga) by Charles A. Cornell

A short story set in the time of World War II and Nazi Germany.

A twist of alien science fiction.  Who would think a bartender could be an alien?  Johann is a probe sent here to observe the human species. The secrets some try to hide.

Well written and intense about a brutal time in history, especially for a short story.  You will feel as if you are back in time in Germany.

Bloody Mary (A Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels Mystery)

Bloody Mary by J. A. Konrath

This is the second in the Jack Daniels mystery series.

Who would think a murder mystery thriller could have humor?  This author does.  Mixing a female cop “Jack”, her partner Herb and a serial killer.  Even though you learn who the killer is before the end, it isn’t about who did it.

Witty and loaded with a cast of characters to keep you turning pages.  Be aware there are some gory descriptions as well, as this is a murder mystery thriller.  Jack’s personal and professional life are quite the read.

Lost Lake

Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

While Sarah Addison Allen is one of my favorite authors, this one was a little disappointing, but not for any specific reason.  

Kate is in a fog.  Her daughter, who has a personality all her own, is being raised by her grandmother.  Feeling the need to get a grip on her life, Kate decides to take her daughter and travel to a place from her past.  Kate’s great aunt is selling a camp that has been a part of the town for generations.  The townspeople are sad about the pending sale, but understand an elderly woman cannot run a camp by herself.

While her touch of magic is always mixed into her stories with a great cast of characters, it just didn’t seem to be of Sarah’s usual greatness.  It is still a good read with so much to keep your interest turning pages.  The prequel “Waking Kate” is not a necessary read, but it is enjoyable.

Lunch with Miss Hepburn: The Last Interview

Lunch with Miss Hepburn: The Last Interview by Simon Worrall

Katherine Hepburn was a truly unique personality.  In her interview, she spoke candidly about Hollywood, New England, Spencer Tracy and other parts of her life.  For her interview, she did not treat Simon with any special airs, she was just herself.

While it is a short book, it was an interesting read.  It would have been nice to read more and some new information.