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Monday, January 6, 2014

Dark Seraphine

Dark Seraphine by KaSonndra Leigh

It’s time to break away from Young Adult stories about vampires.  Let’s try some other life form.

Caleb can see people that others can’t, people he calls “Walkers”.  He just doesn’t understand why.  These walkers just appear and disappear without any reason.  This time something has changed.

We all know high school has its challenges, especially when you aren’t the popular one, but you know who your real friends are and they stick by you.  But how can you tell your best friend about what you see?  Sometimes you just can’t say anything, even to those closest to you.

For the first time in his life he has not one, but two girls he is interested in and they are interested in him back.  Problem being, one is not human, but Caleb is not sure what she really is.  The more Caleb goes back and forth between girls, the more the story is revealed about these special beings, the Walkers and the Dark Agents as Caleb calls them.  The evil that begins to happen when these Dark Agents appear, who is behind it all and what secret all of this holds.

If you like young adult novels, you will enjoy The Dark Seraphine.  But be warned, the ending might surprise you, and leave you wanting to read the next in the trilogy, The Lost Seraphine.

Science & Math Rhymes 2 Help U

Science & Math Rhymes 2 Help U by Alan Beech

When we are children, we are taught simple things through easy rhymes, like which month have 30 days, etc.  When we get older, it seems we don’t try to use rhymes to help us learn and remember.  Maybe it’s because it’s too difficult to try to think of the rhyme.

What if someone else has thought of the rhyme for you?  Especially in difficult subjects like chemistry or math or biology.  Well someone did think of short, easy rhymes to learn and remember, whether you are in high school, college or even an adult taking courses.

If you are taking a course in science, biology, chemistry, physics or math, then this book can help you.  Each subject is broken out into various topics.  With an alphabetical index to help guide you, you’ll use this book over and over again.

Not only did I read this and learn a few things I’m sure I have forgotten over the years, I also had my 16 year old son who is a junior in high school read it.  He agrees with me, if you are taking the subject and need help with any of the topics listed, you can benefit from this book.

While I read this on an older version Kindle, I think this is one of those books that might be best in paper form.  Easier to refer back to and flip to the specific page you need.

Well worth the investment.