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Sunday, May 1, 2016

That Darkness

That Darkness by Lisa Black

The world is full of criminals.  Some that don’t deserve to live after the crime(s) they have committed.  The United States has a justice system to take care of criminals, but sometimes those that should be put away go free.  What if one man has decided to take care of those that the system set free?  Jack Renner, in his goal on one person, has taken it upon himself to keep society safe of some of these criminals.  With a great attention to his details, he thinks no one will ever find out it’s him.  Not until he meets a forensic investigator Maggie Gardiner, and her attention to detail.  Will Jack be able to locate the woman he is searching for before he is discovered, or will the clues and his mistakes give him away.

Suspenseful with twists along the way, and a varied cast of characters.  Quite descriptive but not over the top gory.  While Maggie is the investigator, it seems Jack has more storytime.  All in all a good read.