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Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Secret Affair (Jennifer Morgan #1) - Special Preview: The First Six Chapters

The Secret Affair (Jennifer Morgan #1) - Special Preview: The First Six Chapters by E. Jones

Jennifer and Amber are best friends, and own a struggling advertising agency.

On the way to a new presentation, Jennifer stopped to get their usual coffee.  While waiting in line a handsome gentleman enters to pick up a called in order.  When he is not happy and wants the order redone, the customers waiting in line are not happy.  Jennifer decides to speak her mind.  Only to discover later that same gentleman is who they are having a meeting with to try to win his advertisement.

Typical presentation jitters and nerves do not go over well with Jennifer.  But the head of Blackwood Advertising wants to have dinner with Jennifer to go over the presentation.  A panic attack tells Jennifer not to go, so she calls Amber, who goes instead.

While recovering, her neighbor James comes over to check in on her.  One thing leads to another and they decide to go to dinner together, something Jennifer is very happy with.

These first six chapters leave you wanting to read more.  Do Jennifer and Amber get the ad job?  What happens with Jennifer and James?  What happens with Amber and William?  Only the balance of the book will tell.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Shot of Tequila

Shot of Tequila by J. A. Konrath

Sometime you choose a book from the way the cover looks, sometimes it’s the title.  In this case, the title caught my attention.  In addition, the mystery genre added to it.

Mobsters, crime bosses, loan sharks-the type of people you don’t double cross.  Tequila worked for them, collecting monies due.  Super Bowl is always a big pay day.  Who would dare to rob the boss of the biggest take of the year?  The butterfly tattoo on Tequila’s hand would make one think it’s Tequila, but he was somewhere else, or was he?

Detective Jacqueline Daniels, or Jack for short, has caught the case of a robbery gone wrong.  Quite a few dead bodies add to the case.  Work with Jack to determine who did what and why.  Is it Tequila or not?

Quite the cast of characters and a bit on the descriptive side when it comes to the detail in the violence, but overall a very good read.  This is part of the “Jack Daniels” series.

Charm: An Amazing Story of a Little Black Cat

Charm: An Amazing Story of a Little Black Cat by Leyla Atke

A little stray black cat, all alone.  A caring, thoughtful person willing to take it in and care for it.  But it’s difficult to keep an outdoor cat inside.

Charm was determined to go outside, but would always return.  One day Charm did not return and Leyla was a bit concerned.  After a few days, the concern increased.  Without giving away the ending, Leyla tells a story for both children and adults alike.

A quick read, easy for children to sit through, but insightful for adults as well.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Dear Coca-Cola: A Customer Relations Nightmare

Dear Coca-Cola: A Customer Relations Nightmare by Terry Ravenscroft

We all get irritated with products every once in a while, but how many of us would actually complain in writing to the company?

Well, this man did, and not just to the Coca-Cola company.

This is a short collection of letters written to various companies, and the responses he received.  Some will make you laugh, some will make you just shake your head.

A bit of humor from one Englishman willing to speak his mind.

Forever and Always Collection

Forever & Always Collection by E. L. Todd

The first 3 books in the series: Only For You, Forever and Always, and Edge of Love.

What a way to get you hooked.  A love story that we all can relate to.  Scarlet and Sean have been best of friends forever.  They can tell each other everything.  Scarlet even went with Sean to pick out an engagement ring for his bride to be.

Then how can so many things go so wrong!

Scarlet found out Sean’s girlfriend, Penelope, has been cheating on him.  She can’t bear to see his heart broken, and doesn’t want him to propose to Penelope.  Rather than have Sean get dumped, Scarlet tells Sean about Penelope.  He is devastated.

Scarlet’s boss should be fired, but no woman can get Human Resources to listen, maybe out of fear of losing their job.  Being hit on is one thing, but this goes way beyond.  Too bad Scarlet can’t tell Sean about it, he has not recovered from Penelope.

In a moment of comfort and weakness, Scarlet and Sean sleep together.  Unfortunately, the next day does not bring the same thoughts to both of them.  One thinking it’s a one time thing, one thinking why have I not seen this relationship before.

Scarlet decides leaving the state and running away to visit her brother across the country would be a good idea.  Nothing like a fresh start.  If only it were that easy.

Friendships, relationships, family, all have their ups and downs.  How do you decide what is right and what isn’t.  No one ever said life is easy, and this collection will certainly reinforce that.  But you can’t help but feel for them.

Coit Tower

Coit Tower by Ty Hutchinson

In the final book of the trilogy, Agent Abby Kane is determined to end the Chasing Chinatown murders.  The question is how.

Eliminating the players only creates new players.  Somehow they must get to the master mind of the game.  By acting as players, they have been able to reach the targets before they became victims, but what will get them to the top?

Now, they are no longer one of the teams, Abby has become the target, and even her family is now in danger.  Abby feels like a poor mother who doesn’t spend enough time with her children before this, now this is taking a toll on her.  How can she stop this and keep her family safe?  Following up on any and all leads, Abby and Kyle search for a way to end this game.

Ty Hutchinson will keep you guessing who the master mind is, but can Abby stop it before it’s too late?!

Darkmoon (The Witches of Cleopatra Hill Book 3)

Darkmoon (The Witches of Cleopatra Hill Book 3) by Christine Pope

In book 3, we continue with Angela McAlister, who is now pregnant.  A terrible curse had been placed on the Wilcox family, and Angela was determined to find a way to break the curse.

Angela and Connor were going to be together forever, or at least until the curse would claim the life of Angela.  But Angela, being her own person and not one to let an ancient curse take her life, sets out to discover how to break this curse.  What she discovers from so many people leads her on a journey to reveal the past.

Rival clans with their own stories passed down from generation to generation, and two young lovers to set the world right.  Travel with them and see if the curse can be broken, or claim another life.