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Friday, March 6, 2015

Coit Tower

Coit Tower by Ty Hutchinson

In the final book of the trilogy, Agent Abby Kane is determined to end the Chasing Chinatown murders.  The question is how.

Eliminating the players only creates new players.  Somehow they must get to the master mind of the game.  By acting as players, they have been able to reach the targets before they became victims, but what will get them to the top?

Now, they are no longer one of the teams, Abby has become the target, and even her family is now in danger.  Abby feels like a poor mother who doesn’t spend enough time with her children before this, now this is taking a toll on her.  How can she stop this and keep her family safe?  Following up on any and all leads, Abby and Kyle search for a way to end this game.

Ty Hutchinson will keep you guessing who the master mind is, but can Abby stop it before it’s too late?!