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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dog Trots Globe

Dog Trots Globe - To Paris & Provence by Sheron Long

What a beautiful book.  Although I do not have a Kindle Fire and had to read this on my computer, I am sure reading it on an iPad or some other type of tablet would be lovely too.
The photographs are beautiful, and I have never read a story where there are videos imbedded in the story, but it was a nice addition.
Wonderful story from a dog’s view of a trip to France.  The author makes it feel as if you are there traveling with them.  Included within the story are some French words, and songs, to make learning a bit fun too.
This would make a great book for children as well as adults, or anyone looking to see France and how beautiful it is, with a touch of history mixed in too.  A quick and easy read, easy to keep a child’s attention.  I would love to see the author continue the travels to other countries.

Choices: A Novel

Choices: A Novel by Martha Kennerson

Every girl dreams of the perfect man she will meet one day.  Kristine Alexander did just that.  Her best friend Linda and her boyfriend Davis wanted to have Kristine meet Davis’ brother, Dennis.  Kristine and Dennis spent quite a few weeks emailing and talking on the phone before Linda and Kristine made a trip to Los Angeles to see the boys in person.
Kristine had no expectations of falling in love, even though the weeks on the phone went well.  They found they liked talking to each other, and would do so for hours.  Once  Kristine met Dennis, her entire world changed.  She had never met someone so perfect before.  Even though she had been dating Mitch back in Texas, Dennis was someone completely different.  When they first met, Dennis told Kristine right away that they could never fall in love.  He was from a wealthy oil family and was expected to marry into another wealthy family and marry their daughter, Mary.  Love never goes as planned, they fell in love with each other.  Kristine was crushed when Dennis had to go on tour.  She went back to Texas and began college.  Determined not to sulk forever, she decided she needed to change.  Unfortunately, not for the best.  Out partying one night, she was raped.  Luckily her roommate, Connie, called Linda, who came to help Kristine get help.  You’ll have to read for yourself to see what happens to Kristine.
Very well written with descriptions so vivid you can see what the author sees.  Great mix of characters, good friends and a supportive family.  With an ending to keep you wanting more.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Distant Star

Distant Star by Joe Ducie

Imagine a world you could travel to using books.  “Book Diving” is the ability to cross between the realms, and the Story Thread is what ties all the universes together.
Declan Hale, a hero to some, was exiled to True Earth after what he had done at the Battle of the Tome Wars.  In an effort to hide the treasures of Atlantis, Declan and Tal did what they thought best.  Unfortunately, others did not, and a great many others perished.
When Declan is visited by himself, only to watch himself die in his own arms, he decides he must do something to try to prevent his death, or find out why he was dying.  Even though he had been exiled, he decided to travel once more, and his friends were not going to let him go alone.  Once he traveled back, he met his enemies once again, Jon Faraday, King Morpheus Renegade and his Queen.  All of whom want him dead.  But who is responsible for his death, and why?
Travel along with Declan and his friends in a unique story traveling between worlds.  A great mix of characters with a story line that keeps you turning pages.  Very well written, and keeps you wanting more.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Corpalism by Arun D. Ellis

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and whether this author wrote the book on his own opinion, or thought it would make a great story, is up to him.
The majority of the book is how brainwashed society is by the government, the powers that be, and the 1% of the upper crust and rich.  The remaining 99% are brought up to believe they are better than their ancestors were in numerous ways, even though they have less spare money, less free time to spend with family and less of everything.  Instead, they have bigger mortgages, bigger bills, etc.
While I see nothing wrong with writing a story on that concept, I do have an issue with how LONG it is dragged out.  On and on, over and over, by various groups of people, all trying to show others how to speak up and rebel against what you have been led to believe is how things are, based on the world today.
The book is also written in 2 different styles.  The first half of the book is written more like three short stories, each is it’s own story, although some of the characters in the first  volume appear later on.  The second half is different groups of people and it juggles back and forth.  In addition, one group of people is so irrelevant to the concept of the 99% vs. the 1%, it has nothing to do with the main concept.
Overall, it’s a unique point of view, but it should have been so much shorter.  How many times and how many ways can you stress to stand up for yourself.   After a while, you almost just skim the pages instead of actually reading the story.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Nette by Barbara Rayne

In a society where gender is easy to tell by eye color, males have brown eyes and females have blue eyes, what would happen if a female was born with brown eyes?
The prophecy states the girl born with brown eyes will kill the king and become the Queen.  If everyone is so happy to be free, why do they think Nette is the devil?
From the age of 5, Nette has known pain, in numerous ways, including the death of her parents.  Luckily she is found by her grandfather, and she learned to become a fearless warrior.  She would learn to fight to the death, without any regret for those who had caused harm, whether to herself or to others.  As Queen, she vowed she would help the people in many ways.  But there were those who did not want her to rule and would try to dethrone her, spreading rumors and lies, causing mistrust and seeking revenge.
Very well written with a great cast of characters, from those that love and want to protect Nette to the most evil and deceitful .  Keeps you reading to see what would happen next and what will become of Nette, the girl born with brown eyes.  A few spelling errors that could easily be corrected, but overall a very good read.

The Wicked Wives

The Wicked Wives by Gus Palegatti

Set in the time of the depression, this is truly what soap operas are made of.  The story of numerous wives-evil, mean, deceitful and vicious-all planning and plotting murder of their husbands to collect their insurance policies.  All the while they are having affairs with various men.
And the men!  They are no better than the women-liars, cheats and even a bookie or two.
What a great mix of numerous characters, some more shadier than others, but luckily there are the few good ones thrown into the mix for good measure.  Someone has to figure out who is the mastermind behind all the murders.  Then there is the “Lady in Black” that the women will never tell who she really is.   You’ll have to read the entire story to see who is convicted of what crimes, who is sentenced, who is a conspirator and what happens to everyone in the book.  A few spelling errors that could have easily been corrected, but overall a very good read.  Definitely keeps you turning the pages.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Sparkling Misfortune

My Sparkling Misfortune by Laura Lond

Book 1 of The Lakeland Knight series
Castles, knights, kings, villains and heros - and humor?
Lord Arkus of Blackriver Castle is a known villain, his respected enemy is King Ramian and his son, Prince Kellemar of Dalvanna.  Lord Arkus wants to capture a gormack to serve him.  Instead he captures a sparkling, Tulip, who he renames Jarvi.  Jarvi must serve his new master for a period of 5 years.
Lord Arkus has only one fear - The Beast.  His only safe spot is a white tower, the beast cannot harm him when he is near the white tower.  Lord Arkus travels with Jarvi and comes upon a new land with a new king, his beatiful daughter and his son, Phillip.  These people have no army, as they had not been attacked for many years.  Lord Arkus somehow saves the princess (although his original plan was to capture her) and becomes their hero.  No matter what he does, he continues to appear as a hero, not a villain as he truly is, even when all is revealed.
Comical cast of characters, heros, villains, royalty, etc.  Very entertaining reading, not the serious type of works usually written.  Short time frame, easy to see how book 2 could be very popular to continue the story.  A few spelling errors that could have easily been corrected, but overall a very good read.

Over the Curb

Over the Curb by Bo Barber

Ever wonder what it would be like to work at a car dealership?  This book is for you.
A great mix of unusual and hysterical characters.  As Detective Lozano put it “I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.”
A dead body in the trunk of a car on the lot, a rock-a-thon to give away a car, the air conditioning goes out when there is a power failure.  What more could you want?  A mostly male dominated dealership, luckily a few choice females add to the mix.  The usual push to hit the sales goals at the end of the month with quite the mix of salesmen.
All the fancy talk you hear from the salesmen and the finance officer, add that in to the mix.  Tips and tricks of the trade.  Those extras you pay for, waste of money?  Read and find out.  Back for service, you’ll love that part too.
Humor, adventure, mystery, all in all a good read.  See what goes on behind the scenes.  Whether it is true or not, you will enjoy the ride.