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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Wicked Wives

The Wicked Wives by Gus Palegatti

Set in the time of the depression, this is truly what soap operas are made of.  The story of numerous wives-evil, mean, deceitful and vicious-all planning and plotting murder of their husbands to collect their insurance policies.  All the while they are having affairs with various men.
And the men!  They are no better than the women-liars, cheats and even a bookie or two.
What a great mix of numerous characters, some more shadier than others, but luckily there are the few good ones thrown into the mix for good measure.  Someone has to figure out who is the mastermind behind all the murders.  Then there is the “Lady in Black” that the women will never tell who she really is.   You’ll have to read the entire story to see who is convicted of what crimes, who is sentenced, who is a conspirator and what happens to everyone in the book.  A few spelling errors that could have easily been corrected, but overall a very good read.  Definitely keeps you turning the pages.