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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Distant Star

Distant Star by Joe Ducie

Imagine a world you could travel to using books.  “Book Diving” is the ability to cross between the realms, and the Story Thread is what ties all the universes together.
Declan Hale, a hero to some, was exiled to True Earth after what he had done at the Battle of the Tome Wars.  In an effort to hide the treasures of Atlantis, Declan and Tal did what they thought best.  Unfortunately, others did not, and a great many others perished.
When Declan is visited by himself, only to watch himself die in his own arms, he decides he must do something to try to prevent his death, or find out why he was dying.  Even though he had been exiled, he decided to travel once more, and his friends were not going to let him go alone.  Once he traveled back, he met his enemies once again, Jon Faraday, King Morpheus Renegade and his Queen.  All of whom want him dead.  But who is responsible for his death, and why?
Travel along with Declan and his friends in a unique story traveling between worlds.  A great mix of characters with a story line that keeps you turning pages.  Very well written, and keeps you wanting more.