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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Choices: A Novel

Choices: A Novel by Martha Kennerson

Every girl dreams of the perfect man she will meet one day.  Kristine Alexander did just that.  Her best friend Linda and her boyfriend Davis wanted to have Kristine meet Davis’ brother, Dennis.  Kristine and Dennis spent quite a few weeks emailing and talking on the phone before Linda and Kristine made a trip to Los Angeles to see the boys in person.
Kristine had no expectations of falling in love, even though the weeks on the phone went well.  They found they liked talking to each other, and would do so for hours.  Once  Kristine met Dennis, her entire world changed.  She had never met someone so perfect before.  Even though she had been dating Mitch back in Texas, Dennis was someone completely different.  When they first met, Dennis told Kristine right away that they could never fall in love.  He was from a wealthy oil family and was expected to marry into another wealthy family and marry their daughter, Mary.  Love never goes as planned, they fell in love with each other.  Kristine was crushed when Dennis had to go on tour.  She went back to Texas and began college.  Determined not to sulk forever, she decided she needed to change.  Unfortunately, not for the best.  Out partying one night, she was raped.  Luckily her roommate, Connie, called Linda, who came to help Kristine get help.  You’ll have to read for yourself to see what happens to Kristine.
Very well written with descriptions so vivid you can see what the author sees.  Great mix of characters, good friends and a supportive family.  With an ending to keep you wanting more.