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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Divine Secrets of the Ta-Ta Sisterhood: Pledging the Pink Sorority

Divine Secrets of the Ta-Ta Sisterhood:  Pledging the Pink Sorority by Joanna Chapman

Breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter, is not funny, nor should it be taken lightly.  It is an extremely serious condition and needs to be fully understood with all the options available.

Joanna Chapman not only wants you to know how devastating it is when you are first told, and how confusing all the terminology can be, plus the options based on how serious the cancer is at the first discovery, but she wants you to know, you can still live your life and keep a sense of humor.  Do research and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from others.

There is no one correct way.  Every woman has her own situation and needs to make the best decision for her.  What seems like the best solution may not be after speaking with the professionals.  It goes back to knowing your own situation.  Don’t be afraid to ask for all your records, lab results, etc.  This is YOUR body.

Interspersed along the way are small tidbits of advice, along with websites, books, etc to help aid you in your research and travels.

You may not have the same family and friend closeness, but don’t feel you must bear this alone.  Search out your local support groups, try your religious groups and most importantly are your Pink Sisters who have and are going through the same diagnosis.

This book is a must read for anyone with breast cancer.  Not only does Joanna write the beginning, when she was diagnosed, and the during, but the difficulty in the after surgery.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Tenderloin by Ty Hutchinson

FBI Agent Aby Kane is on the move again.

This suspense adventure grabs you right from the first chapter and never lets go.

A young boy is running in fear through the jungle, but what is chasing him?  A DEA agent, Fernando Riggs, is killed and his body is so beaten and bruised, who or what could have done this?

Abby travels to Columbia, South America, to find out what has happened.  Aiding her is Special Agent Dominic Cabrera.  Genetic scientist brothers Julio and Elan Ortega now work for Faro Zapata, and his boss is a drug lord, El Monstruo.  The bosses have a special interest in the drug the Ortega brothers are working on, MZ-1.

Follow Abby through the jungle to discover what gruesome adventures come to numerous people.  

Even if you have not read Abby’s first adventure, you will not feel lost.  The characters in this novel will keep you reading to the end.  Short chapters make it an easy read, and easy to follow.

The Girl Who Put Out the Fire

The Girl Who Put Out the Fire by D. K. Janotta

Kari Erntemann and Jerry Peterson were both journalists.  Jerry had been working on piece about immigrants taking over jobs from local residents of Europe.  Failing in health, he retreated into seclusion.

Kari saw an article and immediately thought of Jerry and his work, except his name was not on the by-line.  The theme, again, young engineers from India were taking over the IT jobs and getting their visa’s and papers pushed through extremely quickly.

Anton is Kari’s pupil for learning the ropes of journalism.  Even though Kari is a freelance journalist, she was requested to teach Anton.  Anton is hard working and did anything and everything Kari asked of him.

Dan Mandeville had been working hard to make ends meet, but his anger over the potential job loss to foreigners was overwhelming.  Dan knew his job and did not like the newcomers coming in with so little knowledge.

How were these Asians coming in and finding jobs so fast?  Leo Foxe had made a living of finding the right people to fill jobs quickly and at quite a savings to the employers for payroll.

Lots of irrelevant details about the countryside, landscaping, etc.  It’s ok to have a description or two of where you are, but there was a bit much of this.  Needed to be more focused on the who and the why.  Dan’s character seemed so irrelevant to the story for quite a while, I had to read quite a bit to understand his importance.  While you get a good understanding of each character, it takes a good part of the book to see how they all fit together into one story.  The true motive is Kari and her journalistic instinct to dig deeper into the facts to get the true story and reveal it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rowan Blaize: Book One of the Enchanted Heritage Chronicles (Volume 1)

Rowan Blaize: Book One of the Enchanted Heritage Chronicles by Jonathan Kieran

Written in the form of poetry, an ancient sorcerer, Rowan Blaize, loses his magical powers and falls to Earth, landing in the farmland of one Devon Mould.  Devon could see Rowan was not from around here and was skeptical, but being the good person he was, Devon invited Rowan into his home for a meal and a warm bed for the night.

Determined to continue his journey to find why he lost his powers and how to get them back, Rowan leaves Devon to head to London to see his Auntie Ariadne.  Unfortunately, his journey does not go smoothly, as he is captured by some forest sprites and brought to their King.  Luck is on his side as a mortal girl frees him and lets him continue his journey,

Making it to London and see his aunt, she is unable to help him find a cure, but knows of someone who can help him.  Auntie Addie sends him to see Circe, a mistress of magic.  But Circe is not what she appears to everyone, as Rowan soon discovers.

Written in poetic style, this is easy to follow, as long as you like poetry.  Minimal amount of characters, but each brings his own uniqueness to the story.  A few illustrations give it that extra zest to see how the author imagines his own characters.  Quick read but worthy of your time.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fog of War (Justin Hall #3)

Fog of War (Justin Hall #3) by Ethan Jones

Justin Hall is at it again, but this time he is traveling.  His travels in this episode include Iran, Somalia, the United States, Canada and even Moscow.

What started out to be a rescue mission to aid an Iranian nuclear physicist to defect, ended up with the physicist dead.  But what Justin discovered was so much more, and no matter where he goes, someone always wants him dead.

In addition to a new partner in Iran, Nathan Smyth, his regular partner, Carrie O’Connor, will always help him out, even when it goes against direct orders from their superiors.

Who has it out for Justin?  In his line of work, there is always danger, but this takes it to a new level.  So many people seem to want him dead, no matter where he goes.  Someone doesn’t want him to find out who is the mole that every move Justin makes seems to already have someone waiting to kill him.  The fighting in different countries will always be there, but who is supplying the illegal weapons.  Being the true fighter, Justin doesn’t give up easily.  Each chapter will have you turning the pages for more.