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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rowan Blaize: Book One of the Enchanted Heritage Chronicles (Volume 1)

Rowan Blaize: Book One of the Enchanted Heritage Chronicles by Jonathan Kieran

Written in the form of poetry, an ancient sorcerer, Rowan Blaize, loses his magical powers and falls to Earth, landing in the farmland of one Devon Mould.  Devon could see Rowan was not from around here and was skeptical, but being the good person he was, Devon invited Rowan into his home for a meal and a warm bed for the night.

Determined to continue his journey to find why he lost his powers and how to get them back, Rowan leaves Devon to head to London to see his Auntie Ariadne.  Unfortunately, his journey does not go smoothly, as he is captured by some forest sprites and brought to their King.  Luck is on his side as a mortal girl frees him and lets him continue his journey,

Making it to London and see his aunt, she is unable to help him find a cure, but knows of someone who can help him.  Auntie Addie sends him to see Circe, a mistress of magic.  But Circe is not what she appears to everyone, as Rowan soon discovers.

Written in poetic style, this is easy to follow, as long as you like poetry.  Minimal amount of characters, but each brings his own uniqueness to the story.  A few illustrations give it that extra zest to see how the author imagines his own characters.  Quick read but worthy of your time.