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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Girl Who Put Out the Fire

The Girl Who Put Out the Fire by D. K. Janotta

Kari Erntemann and Jerry Peterson were both journalists.  Jerry had been working on piece about immigrants taking over jobs from local residents of Europe.  Failing in health, he retreated into seclusion.

Kari saw an article and immediately thought of Jerry and his work, except his name was not on the by-line.  The theme, again, young engineers from India were taking over the IT jobs and getting their visa’s and papers pushed through extremely quickly.

Anton is Kari’s pupil for learning the ropes of journalism.  Even though Kari is a freelance journalist, she was requested to teach Anton.  Anton is hard working and did anything and everything Kari asked of him.

Dan Mandeville had been working hard to make ends meet, but his anger over the potential job loss to foreigners was overwhelming.  Dan knew his job and did not like the newcomers coming in with so little knowledge.

How were these Asians coming in and finding jobs so fast?  Leo Foxe had made a living of finding the right people to fill jobs quickly and at quite a savings to the employers for payroll.

Lots of irrelevant details about the countryside, landscaping, etc.  It’s ok to have a description or two of where you are, but there was a bit much of this.  Needed to be more focused on the who and the why.  Dan’s character seemed so irrelevant to the story for quite a while, I had to read quite a bit to understand his importance.  While you get a good understanding of each character, it takes a good part of the book to see how they all fit together into one story.  The true motive is Kari and her journalistic instinct to dig deeper into the facts to get the true story and reveal it.