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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Second Chance Key

The Second Chance Key by Jacque Burke

What a wonderful story about children, relationship, family and believing in yourself.

Hannah and her children were going away for the weekend to meet with Hannah’s sisters, and their children.  What started out to be a family get together turned into something no one could have ever anticipated.

Children being children are curious and when one finds a key and a rock that holds the key, who could blame them for being curious.  Little Eden left their site and they tried to find her.

What they found was a whole new world!

Travel with them as they meet new creatures and have the adventure of a lifetime in an effort to return to their world.

A cast of family with a few others in the mix, and a world described in detail, you can imagine yourself in the land.  Easy to follow.  A delightful read for everyone.