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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Appointment with Death

Appointment with Death by David J. Dundas

Mike Murphy knew he wanted to be a cop, even though his father did not want him to.  His mother backed him and he succeeded, not only becoming a policeman, but even being promoted to detective.

Mike and his partner, Ed Rogers, patrolled the streets.  But the murders that began with prostitutes had the entire force baffled.  No matter what leads they had, the killer always seemed to be one step ahead, leaving no clues behind as to his identity.  The killer became more confident, thinking he could not be caught.  The situation became so bad, they had to call in the FBI to help solve this case.  Who is this serial killer and what was his/her motive?

Although the plot has great potential, who doesn’t like a good murder mystery, the writing leaves a bit to be desired.  The story seems to skip around from one person to another without any reasoning, and seems to be too choppy and skips around.  Parts and/or details seem to be eliminated which would make for a better flow.

The characters themselves are great, from the detectives to the Chief of Police to the madam and her escorts and everyone involved.  Very quick read.  But overall the writing needs some better flow.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Chocolatier's Wife

The Chocolatier's Wife by Cindy Lynn Speer

In the Kingdom of Berengeny, a long time ago, no one chose their spouses.

William Almsley’s parents took him to find his future wife.  Unfortunately, it took more than one attempt.  On his 7th birthday, the wise woman finally found his mate, her name was Tasmin Bey, and she was not from their area.  Those in his area called her a hag, but he was determined to write her early on and introduce himself, hoping to create a bond for their future life together.

Tasmin wrote him back, and their correspondence continued over the years.  While William was away at sea, not only did he write her, he also sent her gifts that she kept.  William did not want to continue his life at sea, he wanted to open a Chocolate Shop, where he would sell an assortment of chocolates.  His family was not pleased with his decision.

His plans for their future together came to an abrupt halt when he is accused of murder, and not just any murder, murder of the Bishop.  Tasmin could not believe he was guilty and journeyed to his hometown to discover what really happened and prove William’s innocence.

Their letters to each other are interspersed throughout the story, starting with their very first letters, making the story quite an interesting read.  Not only do you need to keep turning pages to the end to find the real killer, you’ll feel for Tasmin being an outsider and having a future family that is not very pleased with her.  Quite a mix of characters to add to the plot.  Murder, mystery, adventure, romance and chocolate, who could ask for more.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

When Silver Moons Rise

When Silver Moons Rise by KaSonndra Leigh

A love story for those who love fantasy, adventure and the paranormal.

Even if you did not read “When Copper Suns Fall” you can still read this and not be lost, although it will make it easier if you have read the first book.

Chela and Faris were separated, but their love for each other would not stop them.

In a world where the angel-bloods are hunted for their blood, the war rages on.  Faris has been captured and imprisoned by Olivia, the woman he was once to marry to keep the peace between lands.  He is tortured daily, but the beast in him will not arise.

Chela is determined to find and release her one true love, no matter how difficult the journey, and who decides to join her.  Seth has a secret of his own, and has been cursed by a wicked queen.

Written through the eyes of both Chela and Faris, travel along with Chela as she keeps her identity a secret while setting out to free Faris and be united with him.  You’ll feel the torture that Faris is put through, the love and determination from Chela even when she is confused as to what Seth is planning and try to decide what Seth has set out to do, all the while helping Chela.  You won’t want to put the book down until you are finished.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Suicide Squeeze

Suicide Squeeze by RW Bennett

If you love major league baseball, specifically the Boston Red Sox, add in a touch of romance, friendship, murder and a hijacking, then this is for you.

Professional player Mark Mercer was told to take Carlos Chavez under his wing to get him ready for a new career with the Red Sox.  Little did they know they would be involved in a murder and hijacking of explosives prior to the start of spring training.

Unfortunately, the murder and hijacking take a back seat in the story.  The majority of the book is focused on Mark Mercer and his passion for the Boston Red Sox.  Mix in his personal life with a need for speed, no intimate relationships until he meets an FBI Special Agent determined to help solve the terrorist case and protect Mark, and add a budding friendship with his potential replacement on the team, Carlos.

While this is a great read for the love of baseball, starting with spring training in Florida, ending with the start of the regular season at Fenway Park in Boston, it could have had more about the suspense of those looking to silence Mark and Carlos for being a witness to their plot.

Easy to follow as it is written in date order, keeping the sequence of events easy, and a great mix of characters, from the owners to the players to the FBI agents and the others in Mark’s life, it is a good read overall.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Connections to the Journey of Mankind

Connections to the Journey of Mankind by Edward L Walsh

This is an extremely information and educational discussion of the beginning of the universe and how it relates to mankind.

Broken down into sections: Cosmology, Dendrochronology, catastrophes, historical connections, archeological connections, genetics connections, evolution, biblical connections (without being overly religious, although different religions are referenced), the Bible code, connecting the connections, a very short section on ancient myths and religions and the ninth of av. 

Each of the sections is extremely informative, explaining what each term means and the importance of it, whether it be how the earth developed, the significance of tree ring growth or the Bible, it is easy to follow the birth of the Earth and the civilizations inhabiting the Earth.

Without needing a lesson in physics, you’ll keep turning the pages to see how each section of time correlates to sections of the Bible in terms of events and time.  Again, this is not a lesson in religion, and the author shows no preference to the Bible, the Torah or any specific religion being the only one that one should believe it, or not believe in.  Included are numerous reference books and reports to substantiate the findings.

I Will Never Forget

I Will Never Forget by Elaine C. Pereira

“I Will Never Forget” is the true story of an aging woman with dementia, as told by her daughter.

Betty Ward was a strong woman.  During her lifetime, she buried her infant son, her husband and her other son.  Now her time was coming.  Her daughter, Elaine, wrote this story very well.  It is very difficult watching someone you love have their memory erased slowly.  Luckily for Elaine, she had the wonderful support of her husband and family.

Some of her chapters start with Betty as a child, then the same type of situation, but later on in life.  Other chapters are pieces of childhood memories as told by some of Betty’s friends.  Everyone loved Betty, and she had a great network of doctors and professionals who cared for her and wanted the best treatment for her.

As someone who also had a family member with dementia, it can be very frustrating at times.  You feel you are constantly repeating the same things over and over.  You tend to ignore the early warning signs, even though others are giving you glimpses of what is happening when you are not around.  You chalk things up to stress, aging and other factors of life.

Written through the eyes of her daughter, it is one person’s journey through the good times and the bad.  Hopefully you will find some humor along the difficult path, and know that you are not alone, others have gone through this terrible disease of the mind.

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Wind From Entouhonoron

The Wind From Entouonoron by Art Tirrell

The fight over land and one’s family’s possessions.

Widow Lillian King Vincent raised Jake from the time he was a young boy, but never formally adopted him.  When she passed, he had no legal right to claim her land, which consisted of approximately 20 square miles, and back in the early 1800’s in the United States, that was a considerable amount of land.  Jake’s biological father, Joshua, comes to see him to try to make amends for all the time he had never been there for Jake.  Joshua tells Jake of a sunken ship with money and papers he was on and that he wants to make a dive to try to retrieve the goods.

Anne Dubois and her uncle Etienne Lasne were trying to find a now grown man who was hidden when he was a boy, as he is the legal successor to the thrown of France.  In a twist of fate, Anne and Jake end up working with each other on both quests.

Of course there is always the bad guys in the story, and in this story it happens to be the Smythe family, and so many of them.  Originally out to try to take hold of the land, they hear about the treasure too.  Who can Jake trust, who is in the pocket of the Smythe family.  Add in a pirate or two, a few lawyers, some natives of Canada, the military fleet from both the United States and England

In the spirit of Gone With The Wind, an in-depth and detailed story.  So many characters , each with a personality of their own.  The story flows nicely with a plot to keep you turning the pages.  A great read for everyone.