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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Suicide Squeeze

Suicide Squeeze by RW Bennett

If you love major league baseball, specifically the Boston Red Sox, add in a touch of romance, friendship, murder and a hijacking, then this is for you.

Professional player Mark Mercer was told to take Carlos Chavez under his wing to get him ready for a new career with the Red Sox.  Little did they know they would be involved in a murder and hijacking of explosives prior to the start of spring training.

Unfortunately, the murder and hijacking take a back seat in the story.  The majority of the book is focused on Mark Mercer and his passion for the Boston Red Sox.  Mix in his personal life with a need for speed, no intimate relationships until he meets an FBI Special Agent determined to help solve the terrorist case and protect Mark, and add a budding friendship with his potential replacement on the team, Carlos.

While this is a great read for the love of baseball, starting with spring training in Florida, ending with the start of the regular season at Fenway Park in Boston, it could have had more about the suspense of those looking to silence Mark and Carlos for being a witness to their plot.

Easy to follow as it is written in date order, keeping the sequence of events easy, and a great mix of characters, from the owners to the players to the FBI agents and the others in Mark’s life, it is a good read overall.