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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Appointment with Death

Appointment with Death by David J. Dundas

Mike Murphy knew he wanted to be a cop, even though his father did not want him to.  His mother backed him and he succeeded, not only becoming a policeman, but even being promoted to detective.

Mike and his partner, Ed Rogers, patrolled the streets.  But the murders that began with prostitutes had the entire force baffled.  No matter what leads they had, the killer always seemed to be one step ahead, leaving no clues behind as to his identity.  The killer became more confident, thinking he could not be caught.  The situation became so bad, they had to call in the FBI to help solve this case.  Who is this serial killer and what was his/her motive?

Although the plot has great potential, who doesn’t like a good murder mystery, the writing leaves a bit to be desired.  The story seems to skip around from one person to another without any reasoning, and seems to be too choppy and skips around.  Parts and/or details seem to be eliminated which would make for a better flow.

The characters themselves are great, from the detectives to the Chief of Police to the madam and her escorts and everyone involved.  Very quick read.  But overall the writing needs some better flow.