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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Connections to the Journey of Mankind

Connections to the Journey of Mankind by Edward L Walsh

This is an extremely information and educational discussion of the beginning of the universe and how it relates to mankind.

Broken down into sections: Cosmology, Dendrochronology, catastrophes, historical connections, archeological connections, genetics connections, evolution, biblical connections (without being overly religious, although different religions are referenced), the Bible code, connecting the connections, a very short section on ancient myths and religions and the ninth of av. 

Each of the sections is extremely informative, explaining what each term means and the importance of it, whether it be how the earth developed, the significance of tree ring growth or the Bible, it is easy to follow the birth of the Earth and the civilizations inhabiting the Earth.

Without needing a lesson in physics, you’ll keep turning the pages to see how each section of time correlates to sections of the Bible in terms of events and time.  Again, this is not a lesson in religion, and the author shows no preference to the Bible, the Torah or any specific religion being the only one that one should believe it, or not believe in.  Included are numerous reference books and reports to substantiate the findings.