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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Wind From Entouhonoron

The Wind From Entouonoron by Art Tirrell

The fight over land and one’s family’s possessions.

Widow Lillian King Vincent raised Jake from the time he was a young boy, but never formally adopted him.  When she passed, he had no legal right to claim her land, which consisted of approximately 20 square miles, and back in the early 1800’s in the United States, that was a considerable amount of land.  Jake’s biological father, Joshua, comes to see him to try to make amends for all the time he had never been there for Jake.  Joshua tells Jake of a sunken ship with money and papers he was on and that he wants to make a dive to try to retrieve the goods.

Anne Dubois and her uncle Etienne Lasne were trying to find a now grown man who was hidden when he was a boy, as he is the legal successor to the thrown of France.  In a twist of fate, Anne and Jake end up working with each other on both quests.

Of course there is always the bad guys in the story, and in this story it happens to be the Smythe family, and so many of them.  Originally out to try to take hold of the land, they hear about the treasure too.  Who can Jake trust, who is in the pocket of the Smythe family.  Add in a pirate or two, a few lawyers, some natives of Canada, the military fleet from both the United States and England

In the spirit of Gone With The Wind, an in-depth and detailed story.  So many characters , each with a personality of their own.  The story flows nicely with a plot to keep you turning the pages.  A great read for everyone.