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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Valley of Silent People

The Valley of Silent People by Greg M. Sarwa

Joe is a grieving husband.  The sudden loss of his wife Sally was a tremendous blow to him.  No good explanation could ease his pain.  Not only that, but his daughter Rosie is in a hospital in a coma, with no hope of recovery.

Sally’s father, Pete, tries so hard to help Joe, but Joe cannot let it go.  Pete gives Joe a letter Sally wrote, which only confuses him even more.  Joe loved Sally so, and would do anything for her.  Pete tries to get Joe to remember his trust for Sally, and her final request for her husband.

Without giving away the ending, it is a must read.  Great suspense, depth of emotion for feeling for Joe, adventure and so much more.  You’ll want to keep reading until you get to the end.

My complaint lies with the conversion to Kindle.  There is nothing more aggravating than to have the page number, book title and author from the written text in between the Kindle version.  In addition, there are space and missing letters in words.  Finally, the first letter of each chapter was a few lines below mixed in with the text.