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Saturday, December 1, 2012


Malevolent by David Searls

What evil lurks in the deepest, darkest shadows of your mind?  What kind of evil can bring out your biggest fears?  An evil that you cannot see.  Would you think you were going crazy if you were accused of raping a woman but can’t remember a thing?  Even though you see a video of yourself doing the crime?  But when the police view the video, there is nothing about a rape on it.  Griffin Solloway thinks he is losing his mind.

Luckily, a caring person, Tim Brentwood, with some prodding from the police detective Melinda Dillon, befriends Griffin.  Poor Germaine Marberry, the victim of the rape, and her family are starving themselves to clear the area of those who sin, according to the minister, Vincent.

Laney, the ghost spirit, constantly prods her not dead husband he must kill again.  But who is her husband?

The more Tim and Griffin talk and hang out, the more strange things become.  Everyone’s biggest fears seem to be coming to light, but only in their eyes.  No one else sees what they see.  The more Griffin tries to prove his innocence, or others try to prove his guilt, the more evil and strange things become.  Luckily Tim and detective Melinda work together to get to the bottom of the crime, and eventually the cause of all the evil.

Great mix of characters and great writing to keep you turning pages to see what happens next.  You feel for each of the characters as they struggle with their fears.  While I enjoyed the book, and would recommend it to others who like suspense and mystery, the transfer to a Kindle version was poor.  It is very bothersome to have page numbers, author name, book title and website randomly appear during your text.  It made for a slower read.