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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Becoming a Superhero

Becoming a Superhero by Oliver Galang

Oliver was one of 4 children born to parents from the Philippines.  He was lucky to be born in the United States, or was it more unlucky?  He was also a military brat, as his father was proud to be in the US Navy, even if he was only a cook.

All Oliver’s life he was never the most popular, in fact, he was usually considered the nerd.  But all his life he wanted to be a superhero and help people.  Knowing he was not born with any superpowers, he likened himself to Batman, having to work hard to become a superhero.

His parents loved him and wanted only the best for him, as well as his sisters.  Moving from one base to another, he never really made friends, but the relationships with his sisters was like any sibling relationships, some closer than others, but always together no matter where they traveled.

As Oliver grew older, he was determined to work out to build his body strength on his way to becoming a superhero.  Unfortunately, he always seemed to make the wrong choices, or choices that would irk his parents, although he did attend college and did get a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.  But he never put his business sense to good work.  Instead he did not succeed well in his jobs, but found gambling was very profitable, and watching strippers was something he loved to spend his money on.

His life continues in the same pattern, gambling and strippers, and bad relationships.  Seems like some people never grow up.  Sad to think it’s based on a true story.

Very nice detail of the family and their relationships, along with nice detail of where they were stationed.  Interesting mix of characters along his life, from bullies to strippers to shrinks.  The story flows along nicely from his early years on through his life.

My one complaint is the conversion from print form to Kindle.  It is very annoying to continually have page numbers from the printed version intertwined with the Kindle text.