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Friday, December 7, 2012

Aisha: The Search for Yaser Abdel Said

Aisha:  The Search for Yaser Abdel Said by Denis W. Schulz

Bernard Piffy is a private detective hired by a couple of guys from a Joe’s Bar & Grille and Gun Club to locate Yaser Abdel Said, a taxi driver who killed his two daughters then fled the country.  What Bernard thought was going to be easy, ended up anything but easy.  Along the way he met Asma bent Marwan a 7th century poet, with strange abilities.  Abilities like being able to travel through a portal to another time/place, or the ability to turn Bernard into an eighty year old man or a ten year old boy, who met Aisha.

Aisha is also ten years old, but her father beat her.  Aisha called her father Ahmad al-Mohammed, however, when Bernard saw him, he was Yaser Abadel Said, the man he was hired to find.  Holding to the ongoing theme, if it can go wrong for Bernard, it did.  He was thrown in jail numerous times, attacked and beaten and even broke into the Archbishop’s residence.  After meeting Aisha, he was determined to save and rescue her, in addition to finding Yaser, who kept eluding him.  Along the way, Bernard also meets so many unusual characters, and a few thugs determined to harm him.

Good mix of characters, although Aisha is a very minimal character.  While the story flows nicely and is easy to follow, it becomes tiresome as Bernard continually refers to himself as the ex-champion bronco buster and calf roper, in addition, constantly comparing himself to Mike Hammer and others.  We get he isn’t perfect and is determined, but is repeated too much, move on with the plot, not the comparisons.