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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Second Chance Key

The Second Chance Key by Jacque Burke

What a wonderful story about children, relationship, family and believing in yourself.

Hannah and her children were going away for the weekend to meet with Hannah’s sisters, and their children.  What started out to be a family get together turned into something no one could have ever anticipated.

Children being children are curious and when one finds a key and a rock that holds the key, who could blame them for being curious.  Little Eden left their site and they tried to find her.

What they found was a whole new world!

Travel with them as they meet new creatures and have the adventure of a lifetime in an effort to return to their world.

A cast of family with a few others in the mix, and a world described in detail, you can imagine yourself in the land.  Easy to follow.  A delightful read for everyone.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Darknight, The Witches of Cleopatra Hill, Book 2

Darknight, The Witches of Cleopatra Hill, Book 2 by Christine Pope

Continuing on from Darkangel, Book 1, Angela has been kidnapped in an attempt to make the primus more powerful than ever.

Too bad things don’t always go as planned.

Unfortunately for Damon, he was not to be the consort of the prima.  As fate would have it, the consort turns out to be Damon’s brother, Connor.  As happy as Angela is about Connor being the man of her dreams, having your consort be from a rival clan can cause friction.

Set in Arizona, with great detail, not just in the characters, but in the scenery as well, you will continue to turn the pages to see how Angela and Connor try to continue their relationship and their clan families feuds.

As with book 1, you will want to get the next book in the series to see what happens.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Darkangel - Book 1 in The Witches of Cleopatra Hill Trilogy

Dark angel by Christine Pope

In book 1 of The Witches of Cleopatra Hill, we meet Angela.

Witches and warlocks have their clans, and each must have a leader.  Angela is soon to become the prima of her clan.  But one of the requirements is she must bond to her consort, something that can be found instantly by a kiss.

Her Aunt Rachel, who has taken care of her since she was a child, has been setting up possibilities for her.  But no matter how many suitors try, no one is the match for Angela.

Knowing the deadline of her 22nd birthday is soon approaching, Angela begins to dread each attempt, especially when she continues to have a dream of the man with the green eyes.  But the prima must find her consort for her powers to fully develop.

Set in Arizona, and written in great detail, you must read to find out who Angela discovers is her consort.  A w
ide range of characters, both mortal and not, for Angela trying to do the best she can.  A different twist on the paranormal.

Waking Kate

Waking Kate by Sarah Addison Allen

A quick read as a tie-in to Lost Lake.

Kate talks to one of her neighbors, on the day before he is moving, and discovers his story of hearbreak.  But as sad as his story is, it makes Kate think about her own life.

While some may criticize this is not a book, it is meant as a lead in to her novel Lost Lake.  It is a very quick read leaving you wanting to start Lost Lake right away.

Bad Intentions

Bad Intentions by Karin Possum

A young man is found dead.  Everyone saw it as a suicide, except two others knew it wasn’t, and they weren’t about to tell.

Inspector Sejer is very good at his job, he should be, he has been at it for years.  So when he is called to this scene to investigate, something just doesn’t sit right.  The more the inspector and his assistant, Jacob Skarre, dig into the mans past, the more it just confirms his suspicion.  Talking to those who knew him and searching through his past, Inspector Sejer is determined to find the truth.

Easy to follow with a variety of characters, you will keep reading to see how the inspector works towards his conclusion.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Dark Duet

The Dark Duet by KaSonndra Leigh

In the next part of the musical interlude series, KaSonndra Leigh does not disappoint!

This is all about the bad boy Nikolai, his past and his present.  The secrets he hid and the reasons for revenge.  Enter one new victim, Alestasia.  No one should ever have to endure what Nikolai did.  But can he get revenge?  Is romance is his future?

Wonderful characters of all sorts to keep you interested and a story that flows nicely.  Even if you have not read the other parts of the musical interlude, you will still be able to follow along.  If you have read the others, this will give you a bit more insight.

Another great read by KaSonndra Leigh!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hot Rod Gallery

Hot Rod Gallery by Pat Ganahl

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  If that is true, then this book is priceless!

A book loaded with beautiful photographs, both black and white and in color, of the golden years of hot rods.  Any classic car lover will thoroughly enjoy this book.

Some photos may look familiar, others have probably never been seen before.  With just a touch of history behind the photos and hot rodding in general, this will keep you turning the pages.  Broken down into chapters, starting in the early 1900’s and ending with with 1950’s, you will return to this book over and over again.

Not a history lesson, but rather one man’s search into the history of hot rodding.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Elixir by Ted Galdi

Sean is a highly intelligent individual.  So much so that nothing presents much of a challenge to him.  When you have an IQ over 200, things can seem a bit boring.  He competed on Jeopardy against adults and beat them.  At the age of 14, he was already in college.

While in college, one of his professors gave the students a project to do.  One that the professor knew to be without a conclusion to solve.  He was merely trying to get his students to try.

Sean, however, solved the problem.  As soon as the professor saw the conclusion, he knew he needed to contact the authorities.  The professor thought he was doing the right thing, but the government saw this as a potential threat to security.

In an effort to keep Sean out of trouble, the professor found a way to get Sean and his aunt into witness protection and start a new life.  Sean was excited at the thought of being a new person no one had heard of, he could try to lead a normal life.

Until he met the most amazing girl, Natasha.  Sean fell in love with Natasha.  But normal was not to be for Sean.  You will need to read it for yourself to see what becomes of the smartest person on earth.

You will feel for Sean and the difficulties that come with being so smart, trying to lead a normal life.  Action filled, great cast of characters and a unique story to enjoy.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Secure Heart

A Secure Heart by Charity Parkerson

This is not your typical love story, this is a love story with another love story, with another love story with another love story.

Rather than a story about a couple, this book has different couples with their own story about their meetings, paths, relationships and their ever afters.

One couple about a security detail meets fashion designer, 2 brothers needing to overcome their past and the women that they met, an FBI agent and his job dangers versus a special woman in his life.  Different couples with different interests, jobs, etc and how they make it come together.  While this may be one book, it has four stories you will love to read.  A little bit of something for everyone.

You can’t help but enjoy this book.  Great characters, interesting plots, an overall good read.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Duke and The Decoy

The Duke and The Decoy by Charles Parkinson

This is a story about King Arthur, but not one of those romantic, brave heroic stories about a king and his knights of the round table.  This is a book that delves into the history of the lands of the time and the never ending discussion about whether there ever was one real person, King Arthur, or if it is a legend or folklore possibly made up of several different men.

While there are many things we will never know, things that have been lost through the age, there are many things that we can confirm, such as the layout of the lands and the events of the time, wars and the few written facts of who was ruler at the time.

Included in this detailed history are many photographs, maps and graphs.  The author is quite thorough in his history, without making this a boring history lesson.  If you are even remotely interested in the real truth about “King Arthur”, this is a very good read.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Rogue Agents: Special Preview

Rogue Agents:  Special Preview by Ethan Jones

Next in line for Justin Hall and his partner Carrie.

While they had just finished a rescue mission in Syria, another part of the world had a nuclear arms deal gone wrong.

As governments try to conceal what happened, Justin is called on to aid in the search for missing agents.  Always one to be in the middle of extreme situations where danger is a given, this preview leaves you wanting to know what happened and who is behind it.

If this is anything like the previous Justin Hall stories, this will not disappoint.  Usually loaded with action, even the special preview gives you a taste of what the remainder should be like.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Goodnight June

Goodnight June by Sarah Jio

Most of us have heard the beloved children’s story “Goodnight Moon” and the great green room by Margaret Wise Brown.  Sometimes you just ask yourself, what was the inspiration for that book?  In Margaret’s case, we will never know, as she died unexpectedly at the early age of 42.  But this is one person’s idea of what might have been that inspriation.

Ruby and Margaret were friends, and since they lived so far apart, they would write to each other.  They would write about the good times and the not-so-good times.  Ruby owned a small bookstore, and Margaret was an author of children’s books.

Ruby never married, so when she passed away, she left her bookstore to her niece, June.  June was a successful businesswoman in the banking industry in New York.  When she heard of her aunt’s death and that she was responsible for the bookstore, she thought she would take a few days off to take care of the bookstore and her aunt’s things.  Little did she know what she would find.

Not only did she find letters between Ruby and Margaret, she also found similarities between their lives and her own.  The small bookstore that had so many childhood memories was now hers to decide what to do with.  You’ll have to read it yourself to see if she sells it and goes back to her financial career, or keeps it open for more readers to enjoy.

Whether any or all parts of this are true or not, it is still a wonderful read.  Goodnight Moon is a part of most children’s lives, and what could be a better inspiration than a bookstore’s owner?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Crescendo

The Crescendo by KaSonndra Leigh

Erin and Alek work together, and I mean work together!  Not only do they have a love for music, they have a love for each other, and a very passionate love for each other.

But unfortunately, the past can sometimes get in the way.

While Erin is a simple girl from the United States, Alek has a past he would prefer not to share with her.  How he came to be the man he is today is not something he is proud of.  Of course when you have a mother like Katerina, you never know what will happen.

It takes a lot of courage to open up to someone you love, and some people need time to do just that.  But those that truly love you will wait and hopefully understand and be there to support you.

When someone you love is threatened, beware.  Alek will not rest until he finds those responsible for the trouble in his life.

While this is an adult novel, it is not so graphic as to be vulgar.  But you will understand their passion.

Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park by Ty Hutchinson

Continuing on the trail of the Chasing Chinatown murder game, Abby is determined not to end her part just because they caught the killers in San Francisco, but her superiors are not in agreement with her.  That is, until more murders are appearing somewhere else on the globe.

This time Abby and her partner from San Francisco are sent to Bangkok.  The only way to find out who is the mastermind of this sick game is to continue playing the game.  Abby is persistent in discovering who is behind this and shut down this awful game and stop the killings of innocent people.  That’s when things get interesting.

As always, the suspense will keep you reading until the end, then wanting more.  More dead bodies and more questions.  Does Abby ever find the mastermind?  While the deaths are not any conventional murder, the descriptions are graphic enough to visualize without going over the top.  Ty has done another great job of twists and turns while keeping the suspense going, while mixing in relationships and trust.

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Indian Bride

The Indian Bride by Karin Fossum

Gunder lives in a small town where almost everyone knows everyone.  Being a little different, he decides to travel to India in search of a bride.  The reason he chose India was because of a book his sister had given him.  He loves his sister dearly and cherishes their relationship.

While in India, Gunder is lucky and finds the perfect woman to be his bride, and she accepts.  They are married in India and Gunder makes plans to have his new bride travel back to Norway, leaving her life in India behind.

On the day his new bride was to arrive, Gunder gets word his sister has been in a terrible accident and is in a coma in the hospital.  Fearing the worst, he heads to the hospital and asks a friend to go to the airport to pick up his bride.  Unfortunately his friend return alone.  Not only is his sister in the hospital, his bride is nowhere to be found, and the town is talking about a terrible murder of an unidentified woman.

Enter Inspector Sejer and his team.  Even if you have not read any of the previous inspector novels, you can still get a good grasp for this man and his style.

Work with the inspector and feel Gunder’s emotions as the story unravels.  Who would do such a thing, and why?

Then Came Alexandra

Then Came Alexandra by E. L. Todd

What could possibly have happened that Alexandra left her boyfriend, left her job and left her life in New York and pick up and secretly move to Atlanta, moving in with her aunt?

Something happened to Alexandra in New York and she could not let herself tell anyone.  Luckily she had her aunt in Atlanta, and the timing was perfect as her aunt had hurt her back and could not take care of the cotton fields.

Hiding her life from everyone, including her aunt, Alexandra returns to school, takes a part time job in a hospital and learns how to take care of cotton fields.  In addition, she also makes some good friends, especially one hunky friend of the family, Blaise.  But Blaise seems to have a secret of his own.  It seems that no matter how they tried to fight it, they ended up giving in to their desires.  Eventually Alexandra slowly opens up to Blaise and lets go of her past, thinking Blaise was someone she could trust to open up to.

But you need to read it yourself to see what happens when things come out in the open.  But plan on being surprised at the ending.  You’ll want to read the next in the series to see what happens next.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Flight of Life

Flight of Life by E.L. Todd

Typical high school, the popular kids and the not popular kids, the nerds and the ones who always get picked on.  That would be Calloway and his cousin Breccan.

Due to the death of his parents, Calloway lives with his cousin Breccan, his Aunt and his Uncle.  While Breccan doesn’t appreciate any thing they do for him, Calloway is just the opposite and appreciates everything, especially knowing how they struggle financially.

While Calloway’s father didn’t leave him much, he did leave him a note and a few odd items.  In an effort to understand what these items are, they enlist the help of another not so popular girl from school, Easton.  What they discover is an entire species not from this world.  But they more they try to learn, the more they don’t understand, but the more they are determined to try to save the world and not let others know about these creatures.

A good young adult fantasy, and an even better ending, cliff hanger style.  Leaves you wanting to know what happens next, can’t believe you need to wait for the next book!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Diplomat

The Diplomat by Ethan Jones

This is the next in the Justin Hall series, and in keeping with the previous books, this one will not disappoint.

Justin Hall travels all over the world for his job, thwarting terrorists of all kinds for the safety of the world.  This time a Canadian diplomat has been kidnapped.  Always keeping an eye for anything usual, Justin fears his team may not be trustworthy.

Relying on the help of an old friend, Justin is able to discover the truth about the kidnapping and how high up the truth and lies go.  Who on his team can he trust?  Who can he depend on to help?

Loaded with action and suspense, this will keep you turning pages until the end.  Even if you have not read any previous books, you will not feel lost, but you will probably want to go back and see what you have missed.

An Aria in Venice

An Aria in Venice: A Musical Interlude Novel by KaSonndra Leigh

KaSonndra Leigh has done it again.  Please note this is an adult read, for mature audiences.

Adriana Dostov was legally an adult, age 21, but everyone around her treated her like a child or a porcelain doll that needed to be protected so it would not break.

Adriana decided it was time to be an adult and made a bet with her friends to lose her virginity.  Enter one drop dead gorgeous hunk called Luca.  Luca was well known for having numerous affairs with women, and leaving them behind.  Adriana thought that perfect, no strings, no long term commitments or relationship.

But things don’t always go as planned.

An aria is defined as a piece of music for one voice, or occasionally two voices in an opera.  Arias are melodious and usually elaborate.  The title could not be more spot.  For a ballerina and a designer, elaborate is the perfect adjective.  The relationship and story will draw you in.  The more they learn about themselves, the secrets and each other, the more you will feel for them and their families.

Stuff Every College Student Should Know

Stuff Every College Student Should Know by Blair Thornburgh

The perfect book for the upcoming college student!  It is perfect in almost every way, right down to the size.  Small and compact, with short easy to read topics in each of the short chapters.

Stuff your teachers don’t usually tell you.  For example, how to survive your first roommate, how to furnish your dorm or first apartment for little money, how to pull an all-nighter studying for an exam, how to find friends or places to hang out, and so much more.

Even my teenage son, a junior in high school, thought this was interesting and informative, with a touch of humor thrown in.  Well worth the cost.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Double Agents

Double Agents by Ethan Jones

Justin Hall is no stranger to traveling the world to fight for justice.

This time Justin and his partner, Carrier, are off to Russia after the assassination of the Minister of Defense.  While ties have never been “friendly” between Russia and other countries, they do want to know who plotted this crime.

Knowing one crime leads to another, the United States and Canada become involved.  However, Russia is hesitant to divulge all information.  In order to contain any further terrorist activity, Justin finds a way to get the information he needs, including what the next target is.  But at what cost?  And can Justin make it to the target in time?

Great cast of characters to keep you interested.  Loaded with action, this is the type of book that would make a great action movie.  Keeping up with the previous Justin Hall’s books, this one will not disappoint.  You will keep turning pages until the end.

Prisma - The End of an Age

Prisma - The End of an Age by B. W. Clifford

In a fantasy world where animal-like creatures can talk, plants have a life of their own and beautiful colors seem to float and be absorbed, a young girl named Krystal with eyes of the rainbow learns secrets to the wonderful games her uncle loved to play with her, never understanding how important those games really were to the survival of so many.

But even in a beautiful land, there is always evil and the struggle for control and domination.

What should have been a lovely fantasy story became very one-sided.  The beginning introduces you to both Krystal and Lystra.  Unfortunately what started out good did not continue.   While it is important to the story for Krystal to learn the wisdom and secrets her uncle left clues and friends to help her, it needed to have more about the evil side and why it was important.  While Krystal is learning, very little is said about Lystra, what she is doing during this same time and how she convinced the creatures to serve her and her purpose.  The creatures Krystal meet are a bit leery of her, but once they learn of her relationship to the Wizard, they seem to befriend her a bit quickly.

The story is a nice fantasy read, suitable for all ages, nothing too graphic to scare younger reader.  It is beautifully described in great detail, making it very easy to imagine yourself in the places Krystal travels to and those she meets.

Holding true to the rainbow, the cover reflects not only the name of the land, but the girl with the rainbow eyes as well and the magic of the girl and the rainbow eyes.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Don't Look Back

Don't Look Back by Karin Fossum

Grabs you right from the start.

A young girl is found dead and completely naked except for a jacket gently placed to cover her.  It’s a small town where everyone knows each other.  This is the type of girl everyone loved and could not imagine anyone wanting to hurt, let alone murder her.  A once very athletic girl has a change in her personality and becomes a bit withdrawn, and no one knows why, not even her boyfriend.  But nothing that anyone would want to see her dead.  Inspector Sejer is the man to solve the crime, bit by bit and piece by piece.

Why is it that the person who took the time to cover the body does not report it to the police?  Was it the killer?  Does the killer have a conscience?  Was it an accident?  But her body was carefully posed and left by the water.  If it wasn’t the killer, why didn’t the person who found her report it?

So many characters of all kinds keeps you guessing who could have done such a thing.  Short chapters keep you turning pages to see what happens next and who did it.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lost Seraphine

Lost Seraphine by KaSonndra Leigh

In part two of the trilogy, Caleb and Gia continue after all that has happened.

Written from the views of Caleb and Gia, more strange things happen.  Learning more about himself and those around him, Caleb is determined to find the truth.

They say love conquers all, but no one could have ever imagined what would need to be conquered!  However, their love for each other knows no bounds, and the sacrifices they are willing to do for each other only makes their bond stronger.

Caleb’s best friend Kyle  is also a major character in this second part, and not just because he is Caleb’s best friend.  What kind of person keeps secrets from his best friend, the kind who tries to protect all the people he loves and cares for.

Of course the evil side cannot be ignored.  The search for the truth is not always easy and some of what you learn may not be what you expect.  But as in any good novel, the good side must have a nemesis.

I would definitely recommend reading part one first, The Dark Seraphine, as in any good series, the story line continues on.

While this may be a young adult series, anyone could read and enjoy this.  Looking forward to the last part of the trilogy.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten by Donna Zadunajsky

Deanna had something so life changing happen to her 26 years ago, and because of that, was very reserved about opening up to anyone.

After years of researching keeping an eye out, the house she grew up in was listed on the market.  She bought it and began to move in.  That’s when so many occurrences began to happen.  Her son and her sister were in an accident and that’s when her life began to become unraveled.  It was difficult for Deanna to believe these situations were related at first.  The more she began to ask, search and dig, the more things became more unbelievable.  Who could she trust, who could she open up to.  Her son, her sister, her old neighborhood and town.  So many questions, so many confusing situations.

Fast paced page turner.  The more you read, the more you want to read.  You’ll want to see Deanna find the answers to the questions.  The cast of characters will keep you interested.  No grammar, spelling or writing issues made it enjoyable to read.

I feel a cover with a headstone in the cemetery peaks your interest even more as to what type of story includes a cemetery headstone.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Oil and Corruption

Oil and Corruption by Gareth Flood

The oil business is always associated with wealth, but this book is so much more.

Money, power, greed, corruption and then let’s mix in a little murder and suspense.

Jonathan Marshall was just trying to do his job, analyzing data in order to give a report, but the numbers weren’t making sense in the end.  Knowing the business he was in, there are very few people he could trust to talk to.  Luckily a friend gave him a few magical words that opened up a whole new meaning to his report about an oil pipeline from Russia to Europe.  Once his report is passed on to those higher up, that’s when the fun begins.  What appeared to be a random accident at first, soon becomes a fight for life for Jonathan.

So many character you would love to hate, so many willing to kill for their boss.  Quite the cast of characters from all areas of the globe.  Short chapter make it easy to stop when necessary, but you won’t want to.  You’ll want to keep reading to see who lives, who dies and who is behind it all.  Flows nicely from one chapter to the next.

Just for fun, add a small bit of romance for Jonathan, because you can’t keep running for your life without a girl by your side.

While the cover and/or title can sometimes make or break a book, this cover works but does not stand out, and the title definitely fits.  Very little if any grammer, spelling or text issues.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Dark Seraphine

Dark Seraphine by KaSonndra Leigh

It’s time to break away from Young Adult stories about vampires.  Let’s try some other life form.

Caleb can see people that others can’t, people he calls “Walkers”.  He just doesn’t understand why.  These walkers just appear and disappear without any reason.  This time something has changed.

We all know high school has its challenges, especially when you aren’t the popular one, but you know who your real friends are and they stick by you.  But how can you tell your best friend about what you see?  Sometimes you just can’t say anything, even to those closest to you.

For the first time in his life he has not one, but two girls he is interested in and they are interested in him back.  Problem being, one is not human, but Caleb is not sure what she really is.  The more Caleb goes back and forth between girls, the more the story is revealed about these special beings, the Walkers and the Dark Agents as Caleb calls them.  The evil that begins to happen when these Dark Agents appear, who is behind it all and what secret all of this holds.

If you like young adult novels, you will enjoy The Dark Seraphine.  But be warned, the ending might surprise you, and leave you wanting to read the next in the trilogy, The Lost Seraphine.

Science & Math Rhymes 2 Help U

Science & Math Rhymes 2 Help U by Alan Beech

When we are children, we are taught simple things through easy rhymes, like which month have 30 days, etc.  When we get older, it seems we don’t try to use rhymes to help us learn and remember.  Maybe it’s because it’s too difficult to try to think of the rhyme.

What if someone else has thought of the rhyme for you?  Especially in difficult subjects like chemistry or math or biology.  Well someone did think of short, easy rhymes to learn and remember, whether you are in high school, college or even an adult taking courses.

If you are taking a course in science, biology, chemistry, physics or math, then this book can help you.  Each subject is broken out into various topics.  With an alphabetical index to help guide you, you’ll use this book over and over again.

Not only did I read this and learn a few things I’m sure I have forgotten over the years, I also had my 16 year old son who is a junior in high school read it.  He agrees with me, if you are taking the subject and need help with any of the topics listed, you can benefit from this book.

While I read this on an older version Kindle, I think this is one of those books that might be best in paper form.  Easier to refer back to and flip to the specific page you need.

Well worth the investment.