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Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Diplomat

The Diplomat by Ethan Jones

This is the next in the Justin Hall series, and in keeping with the previous books, this one will not disappoint.

Justin Hall travels all over the world for his job, thwarting terrorists of all kinds for the safety of the world.  This time a Canadian diplomat has been kidnapped.  Always keeping an eye for anything usual, Justin fears his team may not be trustworthy.

Relying on the help of an old friend, Justin is able to discover the truth about the kidnapping and how high up the truth and lies go.  Who on his team can he trust?  Who can he depend on to help?

Loaded with action and suspense, this will keep you turning pages until the end.  Even if you have not read any previous books, you will not feel lost, but you will probably want to go back and see what you have missed.