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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Flight of Life

Flight of Life by E.L. Todd

Typical high school, the popular kids and the not popular kids, the nerds and the ones who always get picked on.  That would be Calloway and his cousin Breccan.

Due to the death of his parents, Calloway lives with his cousin Breccan, his Aunt and his Uncle.  While Breccan doesn’t appreciate any thing they do for him, Calloway is just the opposite and appreciates everything, especially knowing how they struggle financially.

While Calloway’s father didn’t leave him much, he did leave him a note and a few odd items.  In an effort to understand what these items are, they enlist the help of another not so popular girl from school, Easton.  What they discover is an entire species not from this world.  But they more they try to learn, the more they don’t understand, but the more they are determined to try to save the world and not let others know about these creatures.

A good young adult fantasy, and an even better ending, cliff hanger style.  Leaves you wanting to know what happens next, can’t believe you need to wait for the next book!