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Friday, May 23, 2014

Then Came Alexandra

Then Came Alexandra by E. L. Todd

What could possibly have happened that Alexandra left her boyfriend, left her job and left her life in New York and pick up and secretly move to Atlanta, moving in with her aunt?

Something happened to Alexandra in New York and she could not let herself tell anyone.  Luckily she had her aunt in Atlanta, and the timing was perfect as her aunt had hurt her back and could not take care of the cotton fields.

Hiding her life from everyone, including her aunt, Alexandra returns to school, takes a part time job in a hospital and learns how to take care of cotton fields.  In addition, she also makes some good friends, especially one hunky friend of the family, Blaise.  But Blaise seems to have a secret of his own.  It seems that no matter how they tried to fight it, they ended up giving in to their desires.  Eventually Alexandra slowly opens up to Blaise and lets go of her past, thinking Blaise was someone she could trust to open up to.

But you need to read it yourself to see what happens when things come out in the open.  But plan on being surprised at the ending.  You’ll want to read the next in the series to see what happens next.