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Sunday, April 29, 2012


Firecracker by Charles R. Verhey

5 star, edge of your seat, page turning thriller!
When Aideen Cassidy filled out an application for a job with PsychTeam, she didn’t know what she was in for.  All she wanted was a job so she could pay her rent and eat.  She had been fired from other jobs too often.  Her special talent was not helping.  Being able to start fires at random was not any benefit to any job.
Agent Li nicknamed her Firecracker, which seemed appropriate, between her fire igniting ability and her looks-red hair and red eyes, what else would you nickname someone?
PyschTeam was a company consisting of psychics of all different abilities, owned by a young girl, Miyuki.  She became the owner at a very young age after her father had died, protecting the secrets of the Zoe.
No one was willing to tell Aideen anything, including why she was hired in the first place.  She only knew she had a connection to a young girl who had been kidnapped.  What she didn’t know was this big, black “Shadow” created from Zoe blood seemed to hurt everyone in its path.
Why was she so special, that even though she was scared, she seemed to be able to stand up not only for herself, but more for those around her, against this mysterious and evil “Shadow.” 
With death and destruction all around, find out if the agents can destroy the “Shadow”, or if the “Shadow” destroys the agents.
Great cast of characters, someone from everyone’s type of personality, whether you were bullied as a child, shy, quiet, muscular, driven and determined, etc.   I thoroughly enjoyed how the characters interacted with each other, keeping both Aideen and you in suspense.  Well written, keeping you turning pages to see what happens next.  The story flowed nicely, keeping you wanting more, and always adding a twist or turn along the way.  Not too long and not too short, perfect for this type of suspenseful story.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Shatter by Michael Robotham

Spine-tingling, edge of your seat thriller, keep turning the pages!
How can someone have such an evil mind?!  Who could do such a thing?!
Every situation makes you want to help Joe solve these heinous crimes and bring justice to the families.  Even at the possible cost of his own marriage, Joe cannot turn away and let others try to apprehend a mastermind who seems to be able to control women’s minds.

Sea Change

Sea Change by Iain Rowan

A teenage boy, John,  who is always picked on in school goes to visit his sister for a brief visit to help him get over a tragedy at school.
He meets two friends, a brother and sister, who want to spend time with him and enjoy his stay.  In addition, he also meets a strange old man who seems to think he has a special power and needs it for him to live.  In a confusing mix of streets, John also sees a mysterious black dog.  Afraid everyone will think him nuts, he is able to find a book about local folklore and legend, only to find out the man and the dog are from days gone by.
FInally finding the courage to stand up for himself, he finds his true friends will also help him try to defeat the old man and end his cycle.
You’ll need to read it for yourself to see if John wins or the old man continues to find another person to help him live.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Legends Lost Amborese

Legends Lost Amborese by Nova Rosa

Written in 3 books, although I don’t feel that was necessary, the story flows nicely with appropriately named chapters, making it easy to follow.
Long ago, in a place called Tesnayr, lived Queen Rosina, who was saddened to learn the man she trusted, Clymorus, after her husband was killed, had let her kingdom fall into despair.  Tesnaryr was actually a region consisting of 5 lands, Belyndril, Murdair, Belarnia, Hemil and Sym’Dul, each with their own races, elves, dwarves, fairies, etc.
Clymorus murdered her in order to try to rule all of Tesnayr, but she felt so bad she asked not to die.  She was granted her wish, to come back as a cat and watch over a child who was to become the new Queen.
300 years later a small child named Amborese watched as Iorks killed her parents.  Meeting the cat, Sposa, and learning the old man, Zolo, was a wizard, she learned of her past.  As in all wars between races, many died in the 5 lands, no one trusting the other.  Only Amborese was able to unite the battling foes on her quest.  This was not something she had ever imagined or wanted.  Everywhere she went, it seemed that people died.
Along the way, Amborese makes quite a few friends, willing to follow her and help her in her quest.  Each with his own special talent.  Each willing to die to protect her and help her in her quest to reach the throne and restore Tesnayr to what it once was.
While Amborese gained friends, Clymorus was also building his strengths and his armies, willing to help him defeat Amborese and all those who aid her.
It is the age old story of good vs evil.
Although a very good story, it was a bit drawn out.  Yes, 5 lands and their different races showed their anger at what at happened 300 years ago, but after the first 2 or 3, the detail could have been a bit shorter.  Not wanting a story to end too soon, the point of the story was Amborese against Clymorus, the good vs the evil, to see who would rule Tesnayr.  It just seemed to take forever to get to that point, and it was over too quickly.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jake's Take

Jake's Take by Bradley Jay Meyer

A cowboy turned stuntman decides after having a bit of good luck at the cards to go to Las Vegas and try his luck.  While there, he meets Allie, a woman who’s beauty knocks him off his feet.  But that beauty is hiding something, the disappearance of her little sister, Banff.  She asks Jake to find her sister, in 5 days before she is due to inherit a large sum of money, and is willing to pay him for his help.
Thinking the sister was gambling and lost, she would need some sort of income to continue gambling.  What better way to make fast cash in a good amount than to work at a strip club?  Deciding she would work at a higher end club, Jake began his search for Banff.  As luck would have it, “Brandy” was one of the dancers at a club.
Biding his time on how to talk to “Brandy”, he spent some time in a casino and met Cassie.  Now Jake has met 3 beautiful women.  Funny thing though, Cassie had been hired by Allie to keep an eye on Jake.  Needless to say, Jake was miffed after finding out.
Jake decided to keep an eye on Banff, following her home after work, where she lives with her boyfriend, Max.  Max seemed to be a shady type of guy.  Proving what kind of guy he is, after beating Jake up with a baseball bat after a poker game, Jake needs to let Banff know how bad Max really is.
Jake found Banff, and her boyfriend, and another girl who looks remarkably like Banff.  But that is actually Max’s girlfriend.  What are they up to with Banff?  Why are they so interested in her?  Does Jake get the  girl, and, if so, which one?  Who lives, who dies and who gets the money?  Who is behind it all?  
Great mix of characters, from the in-charge to the gullible to the deceitful, and of course the poor, innocent guy mixed up in the middle of it all, who only wanted to follow what his cards told him.  You really feel for the guy, feeling hurt from girls and beatings, to lucky in his findings and a bit of winnings too.  Even if you have never been to Las Vegas, you can imagine the different types of places he visits, from the luxurious and seedy casinos, to the beautiful areas.  Great read, keeps you turning pages to see what happens next to Jake, another fight, a little romance, whatever comes next.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Schliemann Legacy

The Schliemann Legacy by D.A. Graystone

In 1873 treasures were found that proved the existence of Troy, only to be hidden for years.  In 1943 the treasures disappeared from Nazi Germany.  Years later, in 1981, an oversized man with nothing better to do than plot people against each other, creates another game to see who can find the treasure and survive against each other.
Great cast of characters, each with their own backgrounds of why they were chosen against each other.  Keeps you going with who you think will succeed with so many twists and turns along the way.

Sara's Laughter

Sara's Laughter by Tom Milton

Sara is such a loving person, but cannot get pregnant because of a medical condition she has no control over.  Being a good Catholic person, there are some things she morally can do and cannot do.  A loving husband supporting her all the way, a mother who passed away too soon but continues to talk to her in her mind, a father who thinks creating a baby should have no complications, a sister who is always trying to beat Sara-her grades, her job, etc. and a best friend in the same type of situation.
A great read for everyone that loves family, friends and the desire to have a baby.