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Monday, April 23, 2012

Legends Lost Amborese

Legends Lost Amborese by Nova Rosa

Written in 3 books, although I don’t feel that was necessary, the story flows nicely with appropriately named chapters, making it easy to follow.
Long ago, in a place called Tesnayr, lived Queen Rosina, who was saddened to learn the man she trusted, Clymorus, after her husband was killed, had let her kingdom fall into despair.  Tesnaryr was actually a region consisting of 5 lands, Belyndril, Murdair, Belarnia, Hemil and Sym’Dul, each with their own races, elves, dwarves, fairies, etc.
Clymorus murdered her in order to try to rule all of Tesnayr, but she felt so bad she asked not to die.  She was granted her wish, to come back as a cat and watch over a child who was to become the new Queen.
300 years later a small child named Amborese watched as Iorks killed her parents.  Meeting the cat, Sposa, and learning the old man, Zolo, was a wizard, she learned of her past.  As in all wars between races, many died in the 5 lands, no one trusting the other.  Only Amborese was able to unite the battling foes on her quest.  This was not something she had ever imagined or wanted.  Everywhere she went, it seemed that people died.
Along the way, Amborese makes quite a few friends, willing to follow her and help her in her quest.  Each with his own special talent.  Each willing to die to protect her and help her in her quest to reach the throne and restore Tesnayr to what it once was.
While Amborese gained friends, Clymorus was also building his strengths and his armies, willing to help him defeat Amborese and all those who aid her.
It is the age old story of good vs evil.
Although a very good story, it was a bit drawn out.  Yes, 5 lands and their different races showed their anger at what at happened 300 years ago, but after the first 2 or 3, the detail could have been a bit shorter.  Not wanting a story to end too soon, the point of the story was Amborese against Clymorus, the good vs the evil, to see who would rule Tesnayr.  It just seemed to take forever to get to that point, and it was over too quickly.