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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jake's Take

Jake's Take by Bradley Jay Meyer

A cowboy turned stuntman decides after having a bit of good luck at the cards to go to Las Vegas and try his luck.  While there, he meets Allie, a woman who’s beauty knocks him off his feet.  But that beauty is hiding something, the disappearance of her little sister, Banff.  She asks Jake to find her sister, in 5 days before she is due to inherit a large sum of money, and is willing to pay him for his help.
Thinking the sister was gambling and lost, she would need some sort of income to continue gambling.  What better way to make fast cash in a good amount than to work at a strip club?  Deciding she would work at a higher end club, Jake began his search for Banff.  As luck would have it, “Brandy” was one of the dancers at a club.
Biding his time on how to talk to “Brandy”, he spent some time in a casino and met Cassie.  Now Jake has met 3 beautiful women.  Funny thing though, Cassie had been hired by Allie to keep an eye on Jake.  Needless to say, Jake was miffed after finding out.
Jake decided to keep an eye on Banff, following her home after work, where she lives with her boyfriend, Max.  Max seemed to be a shady type of guy.  Proving what kind of guy he is, after beating Jake up with a baseball bat after a poker game, Jake needs to let Banff know how bad Max really is.
Jake found Banff, and her boyfriend, and another girl who looks remarkably like Banff.  But that is actually Max’s girlfriend.  What are they up to with Banff?  Why are they so interested in her?  Does Jake get the  girl, and, if so, which one?  Who lives, who dies and who gets the money?  Who is behind it all?  
Great mix of characters, from the in-charge to the gullible to the deceitful, and of course the poor, innocent guy mixed up in the middle of it all, who only wanted to follow what his cards told him.  You really feel for the guy, feeling hurt from girls and beatings, to lucky in his findings and a bit of winnings too.  Even if you have never been to Las Vegas, you can imagine the different types of places he visits, from the luxurious and seedy casinos, to the beautiful areas.  Great read, keeps you turning pages to see what happens next to Jake, another fight, a little romance, whatever comes next.