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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Double Agents

Double Agents by Ethan Jones

Justin Hall is no stranger to traveling the world to fight for justice.

This time Justin and his partner, Carrier, are off to Russia after the assassination of the Minister of Defense.  While ties have never been “friendly” between Russia and other countries, they do want to know who plotted this crime.

Knowing one crime leads to another, the United States and Canada become involved.  However, Russia is hesitant to divulge all information.  In order to contain any further terrorist activity, Justin finds a way to get the information he needs, including what the next target is.  But at what cost?  And can Justin make it to the target in time?

Great cast of characters to keep you interested.  Loaded with action, this is the type of book that would make a great action movie.  Keeping up with the previous Justin Hall’s books, this one will not disappoint.  You will keep turning pages until the end.