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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Prisma - The End of an Age

Prisma - The End of an Age by B. W. Clifford

In a fantasy world where animal-like creatures can talk, plants have a life of their own and beautiful colors seem to float and be absorbed, a young girl named Krystal with eyes of the rainbow learns secrets to the wonderful games her uncle loved to play with her, never understanding how important those games really were to the survival of so many.

But even in a beautiful land, there is always evil and the struggle for control and domination.

What should have been a lovely fantasy story became very one-sided.  The beginning introduces you to both Krystal and Lystra.  Unfortunately what started out good did not continue.   While it is important to the story for Krystal to learn the wisdom and secrets her uncle left clues and friends to help her, it needed to have more about the evil side and why it was important.  While Krystal is learning, very little is said about Lystra, what she is doing during this same time and how she convinced the creatures to serve her and her purpose.  The creatures Krystal meet are a bit leery of her, but once they learn of her relationship to the Wizard, they seem to befriend her a bit quickly.

The story is a nice fantasy read, suitable for all ages, nothing too graphic to scare younger reader.  It is beautifully described in great detail, making it very easy to imagine yourself in the places Krystal travels to and those she meets.

Holding true to the rainbow, the cover reflects not only the name of the land, but the girl with the rainbow eyes as well and the magic of the girl and the rainbow eyes.