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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Oil and Corruption

Oil and Corruption by Gareth Flood

The oil business is always associated with wealth, but this book is so much more.

Money, power, greed, corruption and then let’s mix in a little murder and suspense.

Jonathan Marshall was just trying to do his job, analyzing data in order to give a report, but the numbers weren’t making sense in the end.  Knowing the business he was in, there are very few people he could trust to talk to.  Luckily a friend gave him a few magical words that opened up a whole new meaning to his report about an oil pipeline from Russia to Europe.  Once his report is passed on to those higher up, that’s when the fun begins.  What appeared to be a random accident at first, soon becomes a fight for life for Jonathan.

So many character you would love to hate, so many willing to kill for their boss.  Quite the cast of characters from all areas of the globe.  Short chapter make it easy to stop when necessary, but you won’t want to.  You’ll want to keep reading to see who lives, who dies and who is behind it all.  Flows nicely from one chapter to the next.

Just for fun, add a small bit of romance for Jonathan, because you can’t keep running for your life without a girl by your side.

While the cover and/or title can sometimes make or break a book, this cover works but does not stand out, and the title definitely fits.  Very little if any grammer, spelling or text issues.