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Friday, December 7, 2012

Deadly Chaos

Deadly Chaos by Annette Brownlee

What father gives his daughter, Annie, the nickname “Chaos”?  A girl who has had trouble, pain, hurt and death follow her all her life.  Her mother died while she was young, and anyone she ever got close to ended up hurt in some way, even though it was unintentional.

Even an act of fighting off an attacker who tried to rape her, ended up dead.  And Bill was not happy with her.  Dead Bill decided to haunt her.  She ran hoping to run away from him, only to find he followed her everywhere she went.  Running to a different state, she met a group of people with special abilities to speak with ghosts, spirits, etc.  Even though a hunk of a man, Dakota, was someone she felt she wanted to get close to, she knew based on past experience not to let anyone get close to her.  Her new friends tried to convince her otherwise, that it was not her, it was her necklace that was cursed.

Chaos went along to see how her friends used their special abilities, even though she didn’t really believe in ghosts.  But Dead Bill kept tormenting her, forcing her to trust in her friends.

While most of us have a hard time believing in something we cannot see, the author makes it easy for you to believe.  A minimal amount of characters, but each plays an important part in the story.  Easy to follow, the chapters flow right into each other.

If you like friendship, relationship, romance with a mix of ghosts, spirits and the paranormal, this is a book for you.  Looking forward to reading the next in the series.