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Sunday, January 20, 2013

When Silver Moons Rise

When Silver Moons Rise by KaSonndra Leigh

A love story for those who love fantasy, adventure and the paranormal.

Even if you did not read “When Copper Suns Fall” you can still read this and not be lost, although it will make it easier if you have read the first book.

Chela and Faris were separated, but their love for each other would not stop them.

In a world where the angel-bloods are hunted for their blood, the war rages on.  Faris has been captured and imprisoned by Olivia, the woman he was once to marry to keep the peace between lands.  He is tortured daily, but the beast in him will not arise.

Chela is determined to find and release her one true love, no matter how difficult the journey, and who decides to join her.  Seth has a secret of his own, and has been cursed by a wicked queen.

Written through the eyes of both Chela and Faris, travel along with Chela as she keeps her identity a secret while setting out to free Faris and be united with him.  You’ll feel the torture that Faris is put through, the love and determination from Chela even when she is confused as to what Seth is planning and try to decide what Seth has set out to do, all the while helping Chela.  You won’t want to put the book down until you are finished.