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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Chocolatier's Wife

The Chocolatier's Wife by Cindy Lynn Speer

In the Kingdom of Berengeny, a long time ago, no one chose their spouses.

William Almsley’s parents took him to find his future wife.  Unfortunately, it took more than one attempt.  On his 7th birthday, the wise woman finally found his mate, her name was Tasmin Bey, and she was not from their area.  Those in his area called her a hag, but he was determined to write her early on and introduce himself, hoping to create a bond for their future life together.

Tasmin wrote him back, and their correspondence continued over the years.  While William was away at sea, not only did he write her, he also sent her gifts that she kept.  William did not want to continue his life at sea, he wanted to open a Chocolate Shop, where he would sell an assortment of chocolates.  His family was not pleased with his decision.

His plans for their future together came to an abrupt halt when he is accused of murder, and not just any murder, murder of the Bishop.  Tasmin could not believe he was guilty and journeyed to his hometown to discover what really happened and prove William’s innocence.

Their letters to each other are interspersed throughout the story, starting with their very first letters, making the story quite an interesting read.  Not only do you need to keep turning pages to the end to find the real killer, you’ll feel for Tasmin being an outsider and having a future family that is not very pleased with her.  Quite a mix of characters to add to the plot.  Murder, mystery, adventure, romance and chocolate, who could ask for more.