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Saturday, June 15, 2013


Tenderloin by Ty Hutchinson

FBI Agent Aby Kane is on the move again.

This suspense adventure grabs you right from the first chapter and never lets go.

A young boy is running in fear through the jungle, but what is chasing him?  A DEA agent, Fernando Riggs, is killed and his body is so beaten and bruised, who or what could have done this?

Abby travels to Columbia, South America, to find out what has happened.  Aiding her is Special Agent Dominic Cabrera.  Genetic scientist brothers Julio and Elan Ortega now work for Faro Zapata, and his boss is a drug lord, El Monstruo.  The bosses have a special interest in the drug the Ortega brothers are working on, MZ-1.

Follow Abby through the jungle to discover what gruesome adventures come to numerous people.  

Even if you have not read Abby’s first adventure, you will not feel lost.  The characters in this novel will keep you reading to the end.  Short chapters make it an easy read, and easy to follow.