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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Nette by Barbara Rayne

In a society where gender is easy to tell by eye color, males have brown eyes and females have blue eyes, what would happen if a female was born with brown eyes?
The prophecy states the girl born with brown eyes will kill the king and become the Queen.  If everyone is so happy to be free, why do they think Nette is the devil?
From the age of 5, Nette has known pain, in numerous ways, including the death of her parents.  Luckily she is found by her grandfather, and she learned to become a fearless warrior.  She would learn to fight to the death, without any regret for those who had caused harm, whether to herself or to others.  As Queen, she vowed she would help the people in many ways.  But there were those who did not want her to rule and would try to dethrone her, spreading rumors and lies, causing mistrust and seeking revenge.
Very well written with a great cast of characters, from those that love and want to protect Nette to the most evil and deceitful .  Keeps you reading to see what would happen next and what will become of Nette, the girl born with brown eyes.  A few spelling errors that could easily be corrected, but overall a very good read.