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Friday, March 6, 2015

Forever and Always Collection

Forever & Always Collection by E. L. Todd

The first 3 books in the series: Only For You, Forever and Always, and Edge of Love.

What a way to get you hooked.  A love story that we all can relate to.  Scarlet and Sean have been best of friends forever.  They can tell each other everything.  Scarlet even went with Sean to pick out an engagement ring for his bride to be.

Then how can so many things go so wrong!

Scarlet found out Sean’s girlfriend, Penelope, has been cheating on him.  She can’t bear to see his heart broken, and doesn’t want him to propose to Penelope.  Rather than have Sean get dumped, Scarlet tells Sean about Penelope.  He is devastated.

Scarlet’s boss should be fired, but no woman can get Human Resources to listen, maybe out of fear of losing their job.  Being hit on is one thing, but this goes way beyond.  Too bad Scarlet can’t tell Sean about it, he has not recovered from Penelope.

In a moment of comfort and weakness, Scarlet and Sean sleep together.  Unfortunately, the next day does not bring the same thoughts to both of them.  One thinking it’s a one time thing, one thinking why have I not seen this relationship before.

Scarlet decides leaving the state and running away to visit her brother across the country would be a good idea.  Nothing like a fresh start.  If only it were that easy.

Friendships, relationships, family, all have their ups and downs.  How do you decide what is right and what isn’t.  No one ever said life is easy, and this collection will certainly reinforce that.  But you can’t help but feel for them.