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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Pelican Code

The Pelican Code by Tim Lea

Do you believe God created the universe in less than one week and man in his own image, or that humans evolved from a lesser species?  Do you believe aliens constructed the pyramids of Egypt or a civilization long extinct built them?  Do you believe William Shakespeare wrote all his own works, or that he put his name to someone else’s work?  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
If you enjoy reading about William Shakespeare, whether you believe he wrote his own works or not, you will enjoy this book.  Toby Malone (Kit) is one of those individuals who believes, almost to an obsession, that Shakespeare did not write all his works, that he put his name to someone else’s writings.  The book is written in both the time of Shakespeare in 1593, and the current day.  Like Indiana Jones, there is the one searching for items from the past (Toby), the one who always takes what someone else finds (Frank Walsh) and the group of people sworn to protect the secret, in this case, the symbol of a mother pelican determined to feed her babies with her own blood from her pecking her chest.
Very well written and interesting.  Keeps you reading to see who you can trust and believe, and who will end up with the artifacts, if anyone at all, and how the main characters end up.  Good mix of characters, and the descriptions of both the 1500’s and current day Europe make you feel as if you are there.  I can see this author writing further adventures along similar lines.