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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Erased by Jordan Marshall

If you like cover-ups, blackmail, etc, you’ll love this story.
Sara thought she had a wonderful life, loving husband, beautiful daughter and great job, until she woke up on a rooftop next to a rifle and watched a man below be killed.  She had no clue how she got there, or what she was doing.  All she knows is that she did not pull the trigger, someone else did, but the crowd below saw her up above.  Now she has become the number one suspect in a man's murder.
Enter Agent Brandy Jackson.  An FBI agent looking to prove she is worthy to work for the FBI, and to prove her gut feeling Sara is innocent.  Add a few professional assassin’s, Stryker and Konrad, into the mix, and Senator Paolini.  What does a senator have to do with this mess?
Who do you trust?  Who do you believe?  Where do you turn?  Sara is running for her life.  Can Brandy help prove her innocence, or will Sara be eliminated?
The story is a bit confusing to start, numerous characters of all sorts, some of which are short lived.  Once the story gets going with the major characters, it becomes much easier to follow.  Do you believe the government has secret agencies?  Is mind control possible?  If you didn’t before, after reading this, you will begin to wonder about such things.  Great action, drama and suspense to keep you reading, and the sympathy you feel for Sara will tug at you to help her.