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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Still Life With Brass Pole

Still Life With Brass Pole by Craig Machen

A story about a teen/young man who never seemed to have a chance to make it good.  His mother cares more about herself and how attractive she is to others and that they see only the good side of her.  His father wants to be a friend, not a parent, taking an underaged boy out to get drunk, snort some coke and let him take the car with friends to a strip club.  Not much parenting on either side.
Enter a man who knows the worst sides of life, drinking, cocaine, sex and the wrong side of the law.  Year after year the same thing, just with a different stripper.  His saving grace is when he realizes what he’s doing, and starts to focus on body building.  Then the tide swings again, and it’s a repeat of the drugs, alcohol, strippers and sex.
Finally he meets a stripper, Ashley, who is different.  She is not into the drugs and makes no attempt to make him quit, he just realizes it’s time to grow up.  A few months later they are married, even though his friends give him one more chance to run away, he stands his ground and marries Ashley.  A son is born, and he finally realizes what is most important in life, and what he plans to do.