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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hero The Manipulated Perception

Hero The Manipulated Perception by Kevon Brown

The story of three high school friends, each different in their own way, and what happens to them while in the senior year and after graduation.  One who is a very talented football jock, but who also knows that others are important.  One who is the son of a politician and believes his father to be different from other politicians.  The third being one with a harder life.  His mother died, leaving his dad to raise him and his little sister.  Teaching him to work hard for what he wants, not to expect things to be handed to you just because you want it, one of the most important lessons in life.
What should have been a good story, seeing what each of the three boys grew up to be,  and where their lives took them, became a very difficult book to read.  I am hoping it was just my Kindle copy, but unfortunately, I don’t think so.  A good mix of characters, three boys who would not seem to be best friends by their personalities.  However, it is very annoying to be reading and repeatedly have a series of numbers and either the title of the book, or the author randomly appear, sometimes at the end of a sentence or paragraph, sometimes in the middle of the sentences.  In addition, numerous spelling and grammatical errors made for a slower and more complicated read.  Run on sentences without any punctuation just seemed to add to the frustration.  The book has great potential, but the author needs some editorial/publishing help.