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Sunday, May 6, 2012

When Darkness Falls (The Dark Lines)

When Darkness Falls (The Dark Lines) by Jo Ramsey

Interesting twist to the “Good vs Evil” stories.
Blake was severely abused by his natural mother as a child.  Luckily a wonderful woman took him and adopted him, treating him as her own.
Because of what had happened when he was young, his natural mother making everyone think he was crazy, he learned how to be happy alone and shut out the rest of the world, even blocking his mind from others.
While at school he meets a new girl, Faith, who lets him know he is not alone with his abilities.  He makes a few new friends and learns what evil things are happening at “The Shack” and that it has happened before.
His new friends help him learn how to battle the evil that is at the shack and the mysterious disappearances that have been happening.
Lots of twists and turns along the way.  Loaded with suspense and action.