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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Perfect Death

The Perfect Death by James Andrus

What type of psychotic serial killer searches for the perfect woman, one who is truly special.  She cannot be an alcoholic, a drug user, have a bad temperament, etc.  She must be innocent.  In this case, that killer is Buddy.
Buddy is a glass blower and is searching for the perfect woman to show for eternity.  He strangles them and takes their last breath, placing it in one of his specially made glass jars.
Detective John Stallings has a missing daughter of his own, and cannot put that out of his mind while trying to solve these murders of woman.  Luckily detective Stallings has a group of various people trying to help capture the killer.  Unfortunately, Stallings personal life has gone downhill with the absence of his daughter, his remaining family still needs him.
Keep reading to see if Buddy can complete his goal to fill all his jars, or if the police can stop him in time.  Definitely one of a great series to follow.