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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Legends Lost Tesnayr

Legends Lost Tesnayr by Nova Rose

In a prequel to Legends Lost Amborese, we read of the story of Tesnayr.  A man who was trying to escape his previous life and rid the land of those who had tortured him.

Unfortunately for him, the sea did not claim him.  He washed up on shore and was rescued and brought back to health.  He helped those who had helped him, but always remained quiet about his past.  With the passage of time, those who had tormented him came to the new land.

In an effort to never be taken captive again, he began another battle with the Orcs, gathering followers everywhere he went.  His reputation preceded him no matter where he went.  The kings of the five kingdoms, who had always fought among each other in order to gain land, needed to put the feuds behind them and follow Tesnayr if they were to win the battle against the Orcs and keep their land.

Along the way are elves, fairies, dragons and others, along with an entire cast of characters to suit your mood, some evil, some good.  Follow along Tesnayr and all the lands he travels, written in great detail that you can imagine yourself with him, throughout all the lands and adventures.  Although written in three books, it could have easily been just one.  The chapters flowed nicely, the plot always moving forward.  If you like fantasy, you will like this.