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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Galdir - A Slave's Tale (Barbarian Warlord Saga)

Galdir - A Slave's Tale by Fredrik Nath

Written in 2 sections, Slave and Warlord, Galdir is the life’s story of a man, who at an early age became a slave, and the journey his life became because of his actions.

Remembering how his mother was raped, his anger continued to grow as he continually saw his master raping young girls.  One day, he could take it no longer as he listened to a young girl screaming during her rape, and he beat and murdered his master.

Fleeing from Rome and everything he knew, with the help of a barkeep named Flavius, he left Rome and started a new life.  Meeting many people along the way, some trustworthy, some not, he learned how to defend himself in battle, and even becoming a Warlord to the people his uncle had once ruled.

Written in great detail, you can image traveling with Galdir and the people he met along his life’s journey throughout all the lands.  Numerous characters to help spark your emotions.  Travel along with Galdir as he learns about love, friendship, revenge, leadership and all the emotions each of us have within us.